Is being a commitment phobe stopping you from becoming a hero?

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17 February 2016
Love and blood donation have one thing in common.

Love and blood donation have one thing in common. Commitment. But wait, don’t run away! What is it about the “C” word that makes people bolt for the door? So it requires a bit of dedication and time. But like love, blood donation is a rewarding experience when you’re giving. When it comes to blood donation, commitment can make you a hero.

For the health and safety of recipients, blood donations simply cannot be a “one and done” sort of thing. Let’s look into the facts. According to the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), regular donors are the safest donors because the history of their blood is known. Your donated blood gets separated into red blood cells, platelets and plasma. On your first donation your red blood cells will not be used. The plasma is quarantined till the blood from your second donation is tested and deemed safe. Which essentially means that it takes three donations for your blood to go to those in need. Donating blood just once won’t save lives but being a regular donor will. It simply needs commitment.

Blood donation is a selfless act. It requires giving up your time and braving a needle. No wonder so many people turn the other way. Here’s an idea though, you could be a life saver. Not just of one life but three! (Yes, every donation can save three lives.) So if you’re ever wondering whether or not to commit yourself to the cause, remember your blood saves lives.

Showing love for your fellow man shouldn’t just be a one day exercise. We’re proud to say that 785 OUTsurance staff have fallen in love with the cause and become active blood donors. With an OUTsurance Blood Drive every four months our staff can easily stay committed to their blood donations.

Your love doesn’t have to stop on Valentine’s Day. It’s the month of love, so be a hero and become a regular – and committed – blood donor.

SANBS contact details:
0800 11 9031

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