Motor warranty insurance

Motor warranty insurance is not a maintenance or service plan, but has been designed to pay towards the cost of repairing your OUTsured vehicle, following an unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown.

In order to qualify for this optional extra, your vehicle needs to meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • The vehicle must not be older than 15 years.
  • It must have a full service history.
  • The mileage must be less than 300 000 km.
  • The vehicle must not have a warranty from any other company (in order to avoid dual insurance).
Plan types

You can choose either a Lite, Standard or Executive plan. Please download the brochure for a more detailed breakdown of each plan, the limits per plan, and the specific parts covered per benefit.

Motor warranty insurance brochure for more information.

Category Benefit
Engine Engine R35 000 R25 000 R11 000
Cambelt failure R8 000 R6 400 R4 000
Turbo or supercharger R7 800 R5 800 R4 000
Cooling system R6 200 R4 600 R3 500
Electronic ignition R6 200 R4 600 R3 500
Fuel system R5 500 R4 100 R3 000
Overheating R8 000 R6 400

Management system R7 800 R5 800

Air conditioner R6 200 R4 600

Electrical parts R5 500 R4 100

Overfueling R5 500 R4 100

Drive pulleys R4 700 R3 500

Fans R2 750


Drivetrain Differential R25 000 R15 000 R6 500
CV joints and driveshaft R5 500 R4 100 R3 000
Wheel bearing R5 500 R4 100 R3 000
Strip and quote R1 000 R1 000 R1 000
Free wheel hubs R5 500 R4 100

Differential lock R7 800


Propshafts and couplings R5 500


Gearbox Transmission (Manual and Automatic) R25 000 R15 000 R6 500
Transfer box R7 800 R5 800

Brakes Braking system R5 500 R4 100 R3 000
Clutch Clutch R5 500 R4 100 R3 000
Steering Steering mechanism R5 500 R4 100

Engine parts covered

All the internally lubricated parts of combustion engines: the oil pump, crank shaft, big end and main bearings, con-rods, gudgeon pins, pistons and rings; valves, valve guides and springs; rockers, push rods, camshafts and cam followers; timing gears, timing chain and timing chain tensioner; the electric drive motors of hybrid and electric vehicles.

The following is not covered: decarbonisation (to remove carbon from the piston crown and the combustion chamber roof); failures caused by build-up of carbon; the batteries, charging devices or any other related systems of hybrid and electric cars.

Turbo or supercharger

Original manufacturer-fitted turbo charger unit, intercooler, superchargers and boost control valve only (or waste gate valve.)

Electronic ignition

Distributor and coil packs (excluding ignition switch, barrel or key).


Any overheating-related events: resultant warped cylinder heads, cracked cylinder heads, collapsed pistons or piston rings; the failure of the cylinder head gaskets.

Air conditioner

Compressor and condenser only. Re-gassing will be covered in the event of a major part failure.


Any overfueling-related events: resultant cracked cylinder heads; cylinder washing as well as crown flaming; piston skirt seizure.


Viscous and electrical fans engine cooling fans.

Cambelt failure

The cambelt, cambelt tensioner pulley and springs, cambelt bearings and cambelt cover. Note: Cambelt failure is a specified benefit item and cannot be claimed under the engine benefit.

Cooling system

Water pump, welsh plugs, thermostat, thermo-switch, heater radiator and oil cooler.

Fuel system

Mechanical and electrical fuel pumps, injectors, fuel injection control, sensor units (excluding all calibration and serviceable parts and failure as a result of the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel).

Management system

Engine (ECU), transmission and body control management units.

Electrical parts

Alternator, starter motor, front and rear windscreen wiper motors (excluding serviceable items, switches, relays, brushes and bushes)
• We do not cover batteries, switches and relays
• We do not cover the charging devices or any other related system of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Drive pulleys

Crankshaft, camshaft, tensioners, and jockey pulleys are covered in the event of mechanical failure only.

Drivetrain parts covered

All the internal parts of the differential: the crown wheel and pinion, carrier, spider gears, axle half-shafts, rear hubs and bearings.

Wheel bearing

All wheel bearings are covered.

CV joints and driveshaft

Half shafts, side shafts, CV joints, CV boots and the centre bearing, excluding propeller shaft tube.

Differential lock

All internal parts and actuators / sensors (internal and external).

Gearbox parts covered
Transmission (Manual and Automatic)

Manual: All internally lubricated parts and related sensors: the gears, shafts, synchromesh, hubs and rings, selectors, bearings, bushes and gear lever linkages.

Automatic: All lubricated parts: the torque convertor, flex plate, gears, shafts, clutch packs and brake bands, servos and governor, valve body, shafts, gear lever selector switch, bearings and bushes, gear lever and linkages.

Transfer box

All internal parts including actuators and sensors.

Brakes, clutch and steering parts covered
Braking system

Master cylinder, servo unit, wheel cylinders and ABS control unit and all sensors. Vacuum pump on diesel vehicles only (excluding all friction materials).

Steering mechanism

All internal parts of steering box, steering rack and power steering pump, column shaft, bearings joints, steering lock and sensors.


Clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch cable, clutch fork, master and slave cylinder, release bearing, pilot bearing, and flywheel are covered against mechanical failure only.