Help@OUT: Panic Assistance

Panic Assistance is a personal safety feature to help you OUT in safety or medical emergencies. With just a tap on our app, the closest Medical or Armed Response unit will be sent directly to you, wherever you may be, 24/7. 

Panic Assistance comes at no additional cost to OUTsurance policyholders. Not an OUTsurance client? You can still get Panic Assistance for just R199 a year. 

How does it work?

Put simply, Panic Assistance instantly connects you to a network of Medical and Armed Response units. In an emergency, the closest one is guided directly to you to give you the help you need.

OUTsurance client

When Roysten ran out of fuel late one night, the situation quickly went from bad to worse. Thankfully, armed response arrived soon after he used the Help@OUT Panic Assistance feature on the OUTsurance app.

OUTsurance client

Not once, but twice did OUTsurance come to Danai’s rescue when she had car trouble late at night. Help@OUT Roadside Assistance helped her with her car, while Panic Assistance gave her the peace of mind to feel safe during the process.

Here's what to do in a panic situation: