A flexible funeral plan to suit your needs

Everyone deserves a dignified farewell when they pass away. With more flexibility and choice of additional benefits like: transport, tombstone, catering and after tears cover, the OUTsurance funeral plan offers customisable funeral options to suit your needs, your income and your circumstances. Your cover includes features like a payment holiday, pause and play cover and the ability to increase or decrease your cover at any time due to changing family circumstances.

Tailor make your plan

Choose a cover amount between R30 000 and R100 000 and then customise your plan with additional benefits that offer R5 000 additional cover per benefit. This means that you build your own cover to the amount that suits your needs and based on the actual benefits that are important to you.

Need more cover?

We can’t always buy all the cover and benefits we need at the same time, so when circumstances have improved and you want more cover, simply increase your cover or add benefits. You can reduce your cover or remove benefits at any stage whether you no longer need them or because you’d like to adjust your budget and reduce your premium for a while.

Bank payments for times of need

We allocate a bonus month or premium holiday for every 12 premiums we receive. You can “bank” up to 3 bonus months which means you won’t have to pay premiums during that period. The bonus months don’t have to be used at a fixed time and will be  available for you to use at the right time when you really need them.  

Continued cover without a new waiting period

A plan that allows you to pause and play. Should your cover be suspended due to unpaid premiums, you get what we call a pause period of 3 months to resume paying premiums. If you are able to resume paying premiums before the period expires, your cover will continue and you won’t have to serve a new waiting period.

Competitive premiums based on your risk profile

Our premiums are competitive and based on your risk profile. Instead of broad age bands with a single price for a range of people, we narrow the age bands to quote you as an individual and offer the most suitable premium.

A funeral plan from a trusted brand

OUTsurance has been servicing South African customers for 20 years with fast, efficient claims settlement and value for money insurance products including car, home, business and comprehensive Life cover. 


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