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The low-cost, flexible funeral plan

We believe that a funeral is a chance to honour and celebrate a life well-lived. It’s why we have created a funeral plan that gives you flexibility to choose what’s important to you and your loved ones, at a price that you can afford.


Why choose the OUTsurance Funeral Plan?

Why choose the OUTsurance Funeral Plan?

What’s the difference between life insurance and a funeral plan? 

Life insurance is designed to pay out a large amount of money to take care of your loved ones, long after you have passed away. This payout can go towards a home, on-going living expenses and even education. Life insurance can also include cover that pays out if you become disabled and or critically ill.

A funeral plan typically pays out a somewhat smaller amount of money than life insurance. That is because funeral cover is designed to take care of the costs associated with a funeral alone.