The legendary Cash OUTbonus from OUTsurance

In 1998, OUTsurance transformed the South African insurance landscape by introducing the cash OUTbonus – a cash payment made to clients who remained claim free for three consecutive years.

The OUTbonus is a standard product feature (pet insurance and personal car, contents and buildings insurance), only paid after three claim-free years and premium dependent. The Business OUTbonus is paid if the loss ratio over a specified three-year period is 30% or less, is premium dependent, and included in the standard benefits.

Frequently asked questions
Where can I see the OUTbonus payout intervals?

The OUTbonus cycle, including payment intervals and the appropriate percentages, is shown on your schedule.

Can I take a loan against my OUTbonus?

The OUTbonus is only payable after a three year claim-free period and does not build up any loan value.

What happens to my OUTbonus if I claim?

Your OUTbonus will be forfeited following the payment of any claim submitted for any incident, including any liability claim settled or where letters of demand or summonses are referred to us and the incident date falls within the corresponding OUTbonus cycle.

What happens to my OUTbonus if my policy cancelled?

Your OUTbonus will be forfeited if your policy is cancelled. Please refer to the section ‘policy cancellations’ for more information.