When we say that you always get something out, we mean it.

Our Car insurance product gives you more than what you bargained for! Car insurance cover comes standard with a range of benefits, such as a fixed excess, 12-month guaranteed premiums, fast claims settlement and a cash OUTbonus of 10% of your paid premiums back after three claim-free years. We also cover hail damage as standard and you get free Help@OUT roadside emergency assistance, 24/7, whether you’re stuck with a flat tyre or you’ve run out of fuel. 

10% cash OUTbonus

Receive 10% of your paid car insurance premiums back in cash after three claim-free years!

Free emergency roadside assistance

Our Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance service will come to your rescue when you need us most. 

Premiums guaranteed for 12 months

Your premium is guaranteed for 12 months at a time, even if you submit a claim during this period. 

Low flat excess

Your excess remains fixed, no matter the size or value of your claim. 

Quick claims turnaround

It is at the time of a claim when insurance really matters. We are committed to giving you awesome service throughout your claims experience. We give you choice in how you want to notify us of your loss – app, web or phone call.  Thereafter you can get on with life while we sort out your claim in record time! 

Hand-picked panel beaters

Your vehicle will be repaired by an approved service provider who will guarantee these repairs for a total of 12 months. 

We'll pay you R400 cash if we can't beat your premium

We'll pay you R400 cash if we can't beat your premium

If we can't beat what you're currently paying for car insurance, we'll pay you R400 in cash! Best of all, if you were claim free over the past 3 years, we'll double that to R800! Ts & Cs apply.

Put us to the test

SmartDrive: earn a premium discount of 10%

SmartDrive: earn a premium discount of 10%

SmartDrive@OUT gathers information via an app on your smartphone in order to reward good driving habits. If you drive better than what your profile predicts, you could earn a 10% premium discount on your car insurance premium after only 30 days.

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More benefits for your buck

More benefits for your buck

With our Comprehensive Car insurance product comes peace of mind knowing you’re covered for anything from bumper bashes to smash and grab incidents, as well as theft and hijacking.


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