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When you choose OUTsurance, you're not just getting value for money and the awesome service you deserve. You enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that we will stick to our brand promise. Watch the real stories from real clients below.

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OUTsurance Pet Insurance client

Her dog Freya ‘popped’ her hip on a walk and needed costly surgery. Joedy called OUTsurance and spoke to Jarryd. ‘From that moment onwards, he was an angel. He literally phoned me every day to find out how she was,’ said Joedy, tears welling up in her eyes as she remembers how important Jarryd’s kindness was at that traumatic time.

OUTsurance Life Insurance client

Jackie encouraged her brother take out an OUTsurance life insurance policy. Sadly, he passed away soon after. Jacques at OUTsurance assisted ensured a swift payout, even travelling to the hospital in Kimberley to find a missing file. “I think he made two trips to Kimberley, but he kept me informed all the time,” said Jackie.

OUTsurance Life Insurance client

Erna felt lost and confused when her husband passed away. She called OUTsurance “Jacques talked me through everything on the phone and said ‘stay calm, I’m going to do everything for you’.” Erna remembers that it felt like she had the support of family at a time when she needed it most.

OUTsurance Funeral Plan client

When Isabel’s husband passed away, OUTsurance sent her the claim forms the same day and by 4pm the next working day, her payout was in her bank account. But it wasn’t just the quick claim settlement that impressed Isabel. ‘Lerato was kind on the phone and we were speaking like she was my family,’ said Isabel. ‘Whenever we spoke, it made me feel better.’