Life insurance done differently

Life is filled with tough decisions and life insurance is certainly one of them. OUTsurance is now making your life that little bit easier with fully underwritten life insurance products that provide you with comprehensive death, disability and critical illness cover options designed to suit you, your family and your pocket. OUTsurance Life has a new approach to life insurance that gives you cover if you need it and all your premiums back if you don’t. Join more than 90 000 South Africans who are doing things differently. 



OUTsurance Life insurance Endings TV campaign

No one knows what the future holds. The new OUTsurance Life insurance Endings TV ad follows the story of what happens when a father travels home to be with his wife and child. See how OUTsurance has you covered, no matter how your story ends.

Go to www.endings.co.za

100% OUTbonus

OUTsurance Life offers cover if you need it and all your premiums back if you don’t. After 15 claim-free years you’ll get every cent of your premiums back so you can make the most out of life.

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Life cover calculator

We’ve taken the complication out of figuring out what cover amount best suits your needs with this easy-to-use life insurance calculator. It provides you with an estimate of how much death or disability cover you need.

More about the life cover calculator

Medical labs

In order to approve your life insurance facility, we may request that you visit a medical laboratory to perform standard medical tests. You won’t need to make an appointment and only need to present your ID document as proof of identification.  

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