Life insurance done differently

One of the advantages of getting life insurance from OUTsurance is that you get the backing of a leading South African insurance brand! This also means that you get access to a list of great benefits our clients have come to know and love:

Life OUTbonus

If selected, you'll receive all of your paid premiums back in cash after 15 claim-free years, whereafter your cover will continue as normal. 

Free medical tests

If you need to undergo medical tests in order for your cover to be approved, we'll pick up the bill. 

Medical nurse

If you're unable to visit a medical laboratory in your area, we'll see to it that a medical nurse visits you in the comfort of your own home - free of charge! 

Flexible payment structures

We provide flexible payment structures to accommodate your specific circumstances.

Guaranteed premiums

At OUTsurance, your life insurance premium is guaranteed for a period of five years. 

Advanced underwriting

Your life insurance premium is determined around your very unique and specific risk factors. This means that if you're a low-risk client, you could pay significantly less for life insurance than you would somewhere else. 

Get all your premiums back in cash

Get all your premiums back in cash

If you select the optional Life OUTbonus option, you’ll enjoy cover if you need it and all your premiums back if you don’t. This means that after only 15 claim-free years, you’ll get every cent of your premiums back so you can make the most out of life. Ts and cs apply.

Life insurance calculator

Life insurance calculator

We’ve taken the complication out of figuring out what cover amount best suits your needs with this easy-to-use life insurance calculator.

It provides you with an estimate of how much death or disability cover you need to maintain your lifestyle or that of your loved ones if you were to become disabled or pass away.

Calculate your cover amount

OUTthere, cover on the go

OUTthere, cover on the go

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie planning for your next epic adventure or a businessman preparing for your next international conference, you need OUTthere accidental death and injury cover. 

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