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About us

OUTsurance took the direct short-term insurance industry by storm when it launched in February 1998.  Built on the principle that 'you always get something out', OUTsurance clients receive a cash OUTbonus - the first reward system in South Africa to return cash to clients who remain claim free. To date, we've already paid out more than R2.4 billion in cash! The innovation didn’t stop there. With our highly sophisticated underwriting systems, premiums are calculated according to a client's unique risk profile, meaning low-risk clients would not subsidise high-risk clients. So, if you're a low-risk client, you can get insured by OUTsurance for much less than what you're currently paying somewhere else.


Awesome company culture

Our staff are passionate about service - we’re real go-getters who will go the extra mile to get the job done. We have a vibrant, employee-centred work environment and constantly challenge ourselves to become better at what we do. Our awesome service culture is based on our company values. OUTsurance staff are incentivised to work diligently and ethically in order to offer quality products and great service to our clients.

Business timeline

Since OUTsurance was brought to life by Willem Roos, Howard Aron and René Otto in early February 1998, the business has expanded in its success. OUTsurance offers insurance cover for car and household contents and also business and life cover. At OUTsurance, you can expect awesome service, all of the time.

Insurance call centre

Social responsibility

We strongly believe in 'giving back to the community' a nd support various projects throughout South Africa. This i ncludes the Pointsmen project where a team of men and women dedicate their time and effort to assisting motorists at busy intersections throughout Johannesburg, as well as the Staff Helping SA OUT project where staff members dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of less fortunate South Africans.

The Gun Run

OUTsurance is a proud sponsor of the Gun Run event. First held in 1993, the OUTsurance 94.5 Kfm Gun Run is now celebrating 23 years. The Gun Run got its name from the famous Noon Gun which used to indicate the cut off time. The “beat the gun” theme is kept alive as the Cape Field Artillery now fires the gun to start each distance and to indicate the final cut off time for the event.