OSTI report

Paying your claims quickly and fairly is what we do! The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance (OSTI) showed that we not only beat the industry average for claims referral and oversturn rates, but also performed better than any of our major competitors.

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Take control of your life's story

No-one knows what the future holds. Which is why OUTsurance offers comprehensive life, disability and critical illness cover that’s there if you need it … and an OUTbonus consisting of all your premiums back after 15 claim-free years if you don’t.

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Refer a friend and get rewarded

If you’re an existing OUTsurance client, you will get a R400 premium discount for every person who joins OUTsurance because of you! We just need you to complete a few details and once we’ve received R400 in paid premiums from the new client, we’ll allocate the R400 discount to your subsequent premiums.

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Cheaper car insurance or R400/R800

We’re so confident that we can save you money on your car insurance on a like-for-like basis that we’ll give you R400 or R800 in your pocket if we can’t beat what you’re currently paying. You’ve got nothing to lose. 

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