Staff Helping SA OUT | Dignity Dreams Project

More than 2.1 million young girls between the ages of 12 and 18 cannot afford sanitary products. As a direct result of this, they miss on average five days of school every month and around 60 school days per year.

This shocking statistic compelled Patrick Yende in the Client Care Department at OUTsurance to take action. He nominated this project to form part as one of the many Staff Helping OUT initiatives and suggested that OUTsurance partner with Dignity Dreams – a company that produces and distributes reusable, environmentally friendly sanitary pads to disadvantaged communities across South Africa.

Patrick adds, ‘I’m someone who believes in creating things that produce meaningful change. We chose a project that would change the lives of disadvantaged girls. They spend many days absent from school because they cannot afford sanitary ware. So, we decided to partner with a company that creates a product that these girls can use on a daily basis, meaning that they could now spend more days at school which could potentially change their lives.’

And Patrick didn’t have to ask twice. Staff members took this initiative very seriously and worked closely with Dignity Dreams to distribute reusable sanitary towels to many 450 disadvantaged communities and schools.

Maselotsha, a ‘Change the World Agent’ for Dignity Dreams says that it’s about so much more than just distributing sanitary pads. It is also about educating women on menstrual health and the importance of having access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities.

Staff Helping SA OUT and Dignity Dreams hope that their efforts will help keep young girls in school and empower them to eventually rise above their circumstances. 


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