Pointsmen shine bright in new safety gear

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1 June 2018
The OUTsurance Pointsmen are now able to work after dusk thanks to their all-new reflective safety gear.

When the sun sets earlier in the winter months, poor visibility forces the OUTsurance Pointsmen to work limited hours… well, not anymore! As of June 2018 the Pointsmen will no longer need to knock off at dusk but remain on duty to help ease traffic congestion till 18:30 in the evening, thanks to their all-new safety gear.

Hazel Chimhandamba, OUTsurance Head of Brand and Social engagement chatted to Bheki Zondo the CEO of Traffic Freeflow about this new initiative that will allow Pointsmen to keep working after dark. Bheki explained that the Pointsmen will be equipped with new reflective jackets, collapsible cones and flashing amber road flairs to improve their visibility. This will ensure that motorists aren’t limited and will help them reach their destinations on time.

The safety of both motorists and Pointsmen alike is the main priority and Bheki pleads with motorists to be extra cautious when approaching intersections where Pointsmen are working.

Engage with us

If you find a problematic intersection whether it be an accident or traffic lights out of order, or if you know of an intersection in need of Pointsmen assistance, engage with us via the OUTsurance app or on social media @trafficfreeflow and @OUTsurance.

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