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Wherever you are and wherever you go, you can take OUTsurance with you. Our app is designed to assist you with anything from requesting a pointsman to checking the date and amount of your next OUTbonus payment. What’s more? The OUTsurance app is not just for OUTsurance clients! Anyone with the app can have a free use of Help@OUT our 24/hr emergency home and roadside assistance service. You can find all the app Ts and Cs here.

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Help@OUT emergency assistance

With the OUTsurance app, you have access to 24/7 home and roadside assistance even if you’re not an OUTsurance client! If you have a flat battery, flat tyre or accidentally locked your keys in your car - we'll pay the callout fee and first hour of labour. Now everyone can feel what it’s like to be an OUTsurance client.

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Suggest a pointsman

With the OUTsurance app, you can now suggest a location where a pointsman is needed. The app uses geolocation and motorists simply have to tap in their location to register their suggestion.

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SmartDrive@OUT (‘SmartDrive’) is an innovative, new car insurance feature exclusive to OUTsurance clients at no additional cost. The programme will gather information via an app on your smartphone in order to reward good driving habits.

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