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Our Complaints Resolution Policy serves to provide guidance around the recording and handling of complaints with a view to continuously improve our service.
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Re: information sharing

I tried to get a quote for insurance for my two pets. I filled in their details online. Someone called me back. I was given the third degree about sharing my information with financial institutions and other parties. I couldn’t get past this point and just get a figure for how much it would cost. I don’t see how sharing information is relevant to getting a quote. Perhaps launch into that if the person agrees to go ahead. I wasn’t put through this with other companies that I have contacted for a quote.

Smart Drive

Hi there. I have driven more than 200kms but the App does not update the new premium as I was told that I will get 10% discount upon driving 200kms on my new vehicle. Kindly assist.

OUT response

Good day,

We appreciate your time to let us know.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Our Digital Technicians will be in contact with you to assist shortly.



roadside assistance

I greatly appreciated the assistance I got from Olivia on 17th May 2022. I was stranded with my car refusing to budge due to a flat battery. Olivia went the extra mile to find a solution for me under a complicated circumstance. It wasn't long before my problem was resolved, and I was on my way again. My humble thanks to Olivia.

Assistance with quote and cover

Absolutely fabulous service! Highly impressed. The salesperson was courteous, helpful and a delight to speak to. Well done!!



OUT response

Good day,

We note your disappointment and referred this matter to our Client Care Department.

Please expect our call shortly.




Review of policy

I complained on TalkOUT about the poor level of assistance previously provided. I got a response and was assured all the issues would be attended to. My new OUTsurance broker, Terence Verster, has provided us with prompt and thoughful assistance. He saved us money and improved cover on both our business and personal policies. His professional attitude completely restored our confidence in OUTsurance. Thanks, well handled.

Assistance with a claim

Remarkable. Anel was exceptional in every regard. She was an incredibly calming influence when I was definitely not calm. Made a terrible situation a lot better. Huge thank you to her and Outsurance.

Assistance with claim and dispute

Thank you so much to Valerie Manjengwa, words cannot describe how greatful I am to you. She was the only consultant willing to listen and assist me with a very complicated case, she is an absolute asset to outsurance, I would have cancelled my insurance immediately if it were not for her professionalism and willingness to assist me when others were unable to. She really went above and beyond to ensure that I was a happy client. THANK YOU THANK YOU VALERIE. You deserve a promotion!


Was not nice nobody could insist me in Afikaans so I can't talk to them because IAm Afrikaans and I need to talk to somebody that kan spspeak afrikaans

OUT response

Good day,

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We referred the matter to our Client Services Manager to assist further.



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