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Our Complaints Resolution Policy serves to provide guidance around the recording and handling of complaints with a view to continuously improve our service.
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Please be aware that this policy is in the name of R Frampton. As I am deaf my son-in-law was helping with the claim

Support to reduce quote

Excellent service

Tracey Naidoo

Big thanks to Tracey for dealing with our claim with such kindness and efficiency, AND for walking the extra mile .... !!

Home Assistance/CRK Maint

Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time & sending someone out so quickly with our drain crises.

Insurance quote

I called outsurance for a quote as i was oaying R1450 at Budget. I queried Busget and after 2 days of arguments they would only reduce the amount to 1100. Outsurance quoted me R601 an unbelievable saving. I should have switched long ago.

Life policy

I must say even in this lockdown OutSurance still gives its clients good service and clear guidance of what to do to stay covered even during lockdown, I had a challenge with my life policy and with just a few minutes call to CSC it was solved.


Good service as allways

Outsurance Service

Thank you Outsurance for your excellent service. Your prompt response to my claim following hail damage to my home was incredible. Your staff were very professional , helpful and friendly. Thank you I really appreciate your help and care.

Excellent service during lockdown!

Even during lockdown, the call centre agent gave excellent service from home! Well done

Wanted to cancel

Great feedback and advice