Car insurance

  • Cash OUTbonus
  • Free Help@OUT roadside assistance
  • Premiums guaranteed for 12 months
  • Low fixed excesses
  • Quick claims turnaround
  • Awesome service

Get ready to spoil yourself with our cash OUTbonus!

  • The OUTbonus is a cash bonus that rewards you for not claiming.
  • After three consecutive claim-free years, OUTsurance pays 10% of your paid insurance premiums back in cash! No points or discount vouchers! That's real South African Rands back in your pocket to spend to your heart's content.
  • If you are claim free for another two years, you receive a further 10%, and then you'll receive 10% of your paid premiums back for every claim-free year thereafter.
  • Here's a thought - after ten claim-free years, you would've received seven OUTbonuses already!
  • We've paid out more than R2.4 billion in cash! 

There's only one way to lose your OUTbonus

Although you will forfeit your OUTbonus after the settlement of any claim, a brand-new OUTbonus cycle will start immediately after the incident - and after three years of not claiming, you'll receive 10% of your total paid premiums back in cash - as usual!

Your OUTbonus will not be affected if you make use of Help@OUT or the Buddy@OUT chauffeur service.

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