The legendary OUTbonus from OUTsurance

The OUTbonus is our pioneering cash bonus that rewards you for not claiming. After three consecutive claim-free years, we will give you 10% of your paid insurance premiums back in cash. No points or discount vouchers, just real South African Rands back in your pocket to spend on whatever you want. 

Get ready to spoil yourself even more with our cash OUTbonus!

If you are claim-free for another two years, you receive a further 10% back. And then, you'll receive 10% of your paid premiums back for every claim-free year thereafter. 

Here's a thought - after ten claim-free years, you would've received seven OUTbonuses already. We've paid out billions in cash so far, and we're not going to stop.

There's only one way to lose your OUTbonus

Although you will forfeit your OUTbonus after the settlement of any claim, a brand-new OUTbonus cycle will start immediately after the incident - and after three years of not claiming, you'll receive 10% of your total paid premiums back in cash - as usual!

Your OUTbonus will not be affected if you make use of Help@OUT. Request our Help@OUT emergency home, roadside or panic assistance 24/7 from the OUTsurance App. Find out more and download the OUTsurance App.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the OUTbonus?

The OUTbonus is a cash bonus that rewards you for not claiming. Should you not claim for three consecutive years, you will receive 10% of your premiums paid in this period at the end of the third year in real South African Rands to spend to your heart's content. Should you not claim for a further two years you will receive 10% of the premiums paid within this period at the end of the fifth year. Thereafter for each successive claim-free year, you will receive a set percentage of all your premiums paid within the year at the end of each year.

Can I take a loan against my OUTbonus?

The OUTbonus is only payable after a three year claim-free period and does not build up any loan value.

What happens to my OUTbonus if I claim?

Your OUTbonus is forfeited should any claim be settled. The three-year cycle however starts immediately once again and your OUTbonus will be paid once the three-year claim-free cycle is completed. Making use of Help@OUT will not affect your OUTbonus.

The OUTbonus is a standard product feature, only paid after three claim-free years and premium dependent. 
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