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22 April 2022
A convenient new Help@OUT feature that lets you skip the queues.

Now you can renew your vehicle licence disc via the OUTsurance app or the MyOUTsurance client portal on the OUTsurance website. It takes just a few simple steps and you can expect delivery right to your front door in a matter of days.

OUTsurance CEO, Danie Matthee, says, “Our innovative digital solutions are built, from scratch in most cases, to offer our clients convenience they can trust – not just for insurance, but in their day-to-day lives too. And that’s exactly why we launched our licence disc renewal feature, which differs from other renewal services out there. Apart from saving clients from those tedious, long queues, we’re providing a user experience that is quick and intuitive. We already have a lot of the necessary information about our clients and their vehicles, which means there’s less for them to input during the process.”

“The feature also allows you to view, query and manage traffic fines, which, as we all know, can become an untimely barrier to licence renewal. We’ve even made it possible to renew several licence discs at once to enjoy a single delivery fee. Yes, that means you can renew other vehicle licence discs for friends and family too, whether they have a vehicle insured with us or not,” continues Matthee.

This feature adds to the growing list offered under OUTsurance’s aptly named Help@OUT services, created to make clients’ lives easier and offer them assistance in emergency situations.


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