OUTsurance reduces carbon emissions by 303 tons annually

At OUTsurance, we have a reputation for our revolutionary insurance products and for always ‘giving our clients something out’.

03 May 2017


OUTsurance reduces carbon emissions by 303 tons annually

At OUTsurance, we have a reputation for our revolutionary insurance products and for always ‘giving our clients something out’.  But what many of our clients do not realise is that we’re also very sensitive to the impact that our business activities may have on the environment. 

With the continuously increasing demand for electric power, the significantly high price of oil and our growing concern for the environment, we decided to investigate the use of alternative sources of energy.

During our research, we found that utilising electricity from solar power will result in reduced consumption of fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

For us, the deciding factor was the fact that a solar system would effectively reduce our carbon emissions by 303.52 tons annually.

We are now boasting a 210 kilowatt peak solar system on the roof of our head office in Centurion. We’ve installed 810 solar panels of 260 watts each which will generate approximately 316 060 kilowatt hours per annum.

The solar system is designed to assist with the reduction of peak demand during office hours and will be used to offset the energy used by the lights in the office areas as well the air conditioning systems.

The system consists of mono crystalline panels and three phase grid-tied inverters. The mono crystalline panels deliver a high photon to electron ratio which means that the panel is highly effective in South African conditions.

The grid-tied units provide co-generation with the internal electric supply and the backup generators that provide power in emergency conditions.

The current system is expandable to a full off-grid system in future.

Installing the solar system forms part of OUTsurance’s overall energy conscious plan and creating a positive work environment for our staff.