We’re passionate about paying claims

We look for reasons to pay claims, not reasons to reject them.  

Which is why we had the lowest overturn rate of all major insurers, in the latest report of the Short-Term Insurance Ombudsman. Read more

'We came out tops for the second year running and I am very pleased. The OSTI report is proof that our company has the right approach to dealing with claims.

Fair treatment and awesome service to our clients when they claim is the most important thing we do', said Ernst Gouws, CEO of OUTsurance. 

Have a look at our latest commercial:

At OUTsurance, we pride ourselves on providing you with awesome service, all of the time.

But, if truth be told – it’s during claims stage where we really get to prove our worth! Our team of specialist claims advisors pull out all the stops to make sure that your claim is treated fairly and professionally.

The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance (OSTI) releases a report every year to report on the referral rate per insurer as well as the overturn rate per insurer. This report takes into account complaints regarding service, insurance cover and claims decisions.

The OSTI report refers to the number of complaints to OSTI per 1 000 claims received by the insurer (referral rate) as well as the percentage of complaints that were overturned with some benefit given to the complainant that he/she would not have received without the involvement of the Ombudsman (overturn rate).

Simply put, the OSTI report helps you understand whether your insurance company is missing the boat or whether they’re right on track when it comes to claim-related queries.

If you’re insured with us, you’ll be thrilled to know that for the second year in a row, we’ve beaten the insurance industry averages when it comes to the referral rate and the overturn rate.

In 2015, our referral rate was second only to Zurich Insurance.

Speaking of which - how did your insurer do? Click here to see the 2015 OSTI report.