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Youi - Australia

Youi is a sister short-term car insurance company of OUTsurance that is domiciled and operates in Australia. It was launched in November 2008 and it follows the same customer-orientated approach that has made OUTsurance successful in South Africa. Youi is primarily geared to selling car, buildings, contents, and business liability insurance direct to consumers via an interactive website, but it also operates a call centre in order to offer prospective and current clients professional personal advice.

OUTsurance - Ireland

OUTsurance Ireland is an Irish-based short-term insurance company and part of the OUTsurance Group. They offer comprehensive, value-for-money car & home insurance to Irish consumers and are pioneering the concept of insurance cashback, the OUTbonus, in the industry.

Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)

South African Insurance Association 

OUTsurance Insurance Company Limited is a proud member of the South African Insurance Association, a voluntary association committed to high ethical standards and professional business practices. OUTsurance Complies with the SAIA Code of Conduct.  

Insurance Sector Education and Training Autority

Association for Savings & Investments SA

National Financial Ombud Scheme SA

FAIS Ombud - Office of the Ombud for Financial Services Providers