SmartDrive@OUT a new innovation from OUTsurance.

SmartDrive@OUT (‘SmartDrive’) is an innovative, new car insurance feature exclusive to OUTsurance car insurance clients at no additional cost.  The programme will gather information via an app on your smartphone in order to reward good driving habits. 

While we ask a lot of questions to offer you the best premium possible, without knowing your specific driving habits, we’ve always just had to make certain assumptions. SmartDrive will now share information regarding your driving distance, your driving style, the time of day during which you typically drive and lastly whether you generally obey the speed limits. These factors give us more information about the insurance risk we are exposed to. It therefore makes sense for us to reward people who drive better than what we have assumed they would. 

Because your SmartDrive discount is applied after three months and then reviewed every six months thereafter, you’ve got plenty of time to improve your SmartDrive score and get a bigger discount. 


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Join SmartDrive in three easy steps


What is in it for you?

If you drive far better than what your profile predicts, you could receive a premium discount of up to 25% after only three months of participation on the SmartDrive programme. This discount will automatically apply to all the vehicles where you are listed as the regular driver.

Your driving scoreboard

You will be able to view your predicted SmartDrive discount on the summary screen of the SmartDrive menu after driving between 100 and 200 kilometres. SmartDrive collects information regarding the time of day during which you typically drive, your driving distance, your driving style, and lastly whether you mostly obey the speed limits. 

SmartDrive ts and cs

SmartDrive FAQs

Information pertaining to your style of accelerating, braking and cornering is collected. We also use your location data to capture your usual driving behaviour and routines.  

To participate in the SmartDrive programme, you require an iPhone 5 and higher, running iOS 8.4 and higher. Alternatively, you can use an Android phone, running Android OS version 5 or higher. You will also need to ensure that your location services are activated and that the OUTsurance app permissions are switched to ‘Always’.  Please note that SmartDrive is not available on Tablets. If you do not have a compatible phone to participate or to continue on the SmartDrive programme at any stage, please login to the app and deregister.  

1.  Go to the Settings option.
2.  Look for Privacy.
3.  Then look for Location Services.
4.  Toggle the switch on.
5.  Scroll to the OUTsurance app.
6.  Set allow location access to ‘Always’.

The amount of data you’ll use will depend on the number of trips and the duration of your journey. Generally the OUTsurance app will use between 1 MB and 2 MB for each hour you drive. This is similar to the data usage of any navigation type app.

The OUTsurance app will have about the same impact on your phone’s battery life as using a navigation app. We have put in a great deal of effort to reduce the impact as far as possible. For instance, your phone will switch to economy mode after an hour of driving which should help reduce the impact. That being said, we do recommend that you travel with a car charger for your phone if you are travelling long distances.

Development is underway on sophisticated data analytics to be able to assess your driving patterns and style in order to identify whether it's the registered SmartDriver who's driving or not. While this may not be 100% accurate, we are confident that in time, we'll identify trips made on a train, taxi, bus or bicycle versus those in a car. We should also in time be able to identify and exclude trips where you were a passenger.

Yes. Your SmartDrive discount will automatically apply to all the vehicles where you are listed as the regular driver. Other people who are regular drivers on other vehicles on your facility can also register on SmartDrive in order to qualify for premium discounts. 


SmartDrive will determine your driving scores relative to someone similar to you. Remember that we have already calculated your car insurance premium using information about you and your car. For instance, we expect people who are retired or who work from home to drive shorter distances – and this has already been taken into account in their premiums, so if we learn from their SmartDrive profiles that they are driving less than what we expected, this will positively impact their overall SmartDrive score which will mean a bigger premium discount.  

The premium discount indicated on the SmartDrive summary screen will be applied to your premium after three months on the programme provided we have collected sufficient driving information. Thereafter, this discount will be adjusted every six months, taking into consideration your driving habits for the past six months. This means that the better you drive over time, the higher your discount and the lower your car insurance premium will be. In order to continue qualifying for your SmartDrive discount, you need to remain registered on the programme and we need to continually receive your driving information. 


SmartDrive determines your usual driving style over a long period of time. A few long distance trips over the year shouldn’t affect your overall score for driving distance and likewise a few evening dates with your spouse shouldn’t affect your score for daytime driving. SmartDrive will determine its rewards based on your regular driving patterns and style. 

The information we’re collecting will only be used to determine your SmartDrive OUTbonus and will never be used against you if you need to claim.

Not at all. The whole purpose of the app is to capture information about your usual driving behaviour and routines. 

We store all your information securely in accordance with relevant information protection legislation including the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). View our Privacy Policy for further details. 

The OUTsurance app allows you to deregister from the programme at any time. You will forfeit your SmartDrive discount as soon as you deregister from the programme.   

Please follow this link to the full terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will automatically be applicable upon registration. A copy of the terms and conditions will also be e-mailed to you once you have registered.