SmartDrive@OUT a new innovation

from OUTsurance.

SmartDrive@OUT (‘SmartDrive’) is an innovative, new car insurance feature available at no additional cost. Even non-clients are free to sign-up and see how much they could save. The programme will gather information via an app on your smartphone in order to reward good driving habits. 

While we ask a lot of questions to offer you the best premium possible, without knowing your specific driving habits, we’ve always just had to make certain assumptions. SmartDrive will now share information regarding your driving distance, your driving style, the time of day during which you typically drive and lastly whether you generally obey the speed limits. These factors give us more information about the insurance risk we are exposed to. It, therefore, makes sense for us to reward people who drive better than what we have assumed they would. 

Because your SmartDrive discount is applied after one month and then reviewed every six months thereafter, you’ve got plenty of time to improve your SmartDrive score and get a bigger discount. 

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What is in it for you?

What is in it for you?

If you drive far better than what your profile predicts, you could receive a premium discount of up to 25% by being on the SmartDrive programme. This discount will automatically apply to all the vehicles where you are listed as the regular driver.

SmartDrive FAQs

Your driving scoreboard

Your driving scoreboard

In order to populate your SmartDrive scorecard, we require a minimum of 200 kilometres and five separate trips. We’ll then be able to show you a first indication of your likely discount. This could, however, change the more information we are able to gather about your normal driving habits.   

SmartDrive Ts&Cs