SmartDrive: Frequently asked questions

I have a Huawei phone and it’s not recording my trips

Huawei phones have another setting that needs to be configured in addition to allowing the app to always access your location. You need to manually override the automatic launch setting as follows:

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings
  2. Tap on Battery and then App Launch
  3. Search for Outsurance, and toggle the setting to “Manage Manually
  4. You will then receive a prompt to manage each sub-setting individually. Ensure that they are all enabled.

Why does my iPhone keep showing me a message about the OUTsurance app using my location in the background?

Since iOS 13, Apple has started to periodically inform the user of applications that use their location services in the background. In order for SmartDrive to automatically record your trips, you need to ensure that your app's permissions are set to 'Always Allow'. The easiest way to check this is to open the app and go to the SmartDrive section. If you see a red 'UPDATE' button, then it means one or more of your settings are incorrect. Just tap on Update and follow the prompts to configure your settings correctly.

How do I activate the location services on my phone?
  1. Go to the Settings option.
  2. Look for Privacy.
  3. Then look for Location Services.
  4. Toggle the switch on.
  5. Scroll to the OUTsurance app.
  6. Set allow location access to ‘Always’.
What information is being collected?

Information pertaining to your style of accelerating, braking and cornering is collected. We also use your location data to capture your usual driving behaviour and routines, as well as notifications about when you make and receive phone calls. Note: No call details are accessible. 

What are the technical requirements for SmartDrive?

To participate in the SmartDrive programme, you require an iPhone 5 and higher, running iOS 8.4 and higher. Alternatively, you can use an Android phone, running Android OS version 5 or higher. You will also need to ensure that your location services are activated and that the OUTsurance app permissions are switched to ‘Always’. Please note that SmartDrive is not available on Tablets.

How well do I need to drive to get the maximum premium discount?

The SmartDrive discount is fixed at 10%. We've noticed that people who participate in the programme, and keep track of their driving behaviour and feedback, are generally better drivers, and therefore we offer you a 10% discount on all the vehicles where you are noted as the regular driver. So you can go about your driving as usual, and not have to worry about any single incident affecting your discount - you will always receive 10%. It's as simple as that!

When and how often will you apply my SmartDrive discount to my car insurance premium?

Once you join SmartDrive, you will need to drive for at least 30 days, and complete a minimum of 200km and 5 or more separate trips to qualify. Once we have this information, we will then assign a 10% discount to all the vehicles where you are noted as the regular driver. The discount will be effective at your next collection date after the 30 day period. Once the discount is applied, it never falls away, as long as you are registered on the programme and continue to record trips via our app.

How much data will the app use?

The amount of data you’ll use will depend on the number of trips and the duration of your journey. Generally, the OUTsurance app will use between 1 MB and 2 MB for each hour you drive. This is similar to the data usage of any navigation type app. If for some reason the app was unable to upload your journey data whilst you were driving, the app may continue to upload this data after your journey has come to an end.

How will the OUTsurance app impact my phone’s battery life?

The OUTsurance app will have about the same impact on your phone’s battery life as using a navigation app. We have put in a great deal of effort to reduce the impact as far as possible. For instance, your phone will switch to economy mode after an hour of driving which should help reduce the impact. That being said, we do recommend that you travel with a car charger for your phone if you are travelling long distances.

What does the Distance score indicate?

This measures how many kilometers you drive versus the number of kilometers of other users on the programme. The less you drive compared to others, the higher your score will be.

What does the Speed score indicate?

This measures how much time you spend over the speed limit versus other users on the programme. The less time spent speeding compared to others, the higher your score will be.

What does the Driving Style score indicate?

This measures how aggressively you drive in comparison to other users on the programme. It measures harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering. The less aggressive you drive compared to others, the higher your score will be.

What does the Time of Day score indicate?

This measures when you drive during the day, and compares the amount of time spent driving during riskier times to others on the programme. Risky times include night and peak-hour driving. The less time spent driving during risky hours compared to others, the higher your score will be

What does the Cellphone Usage score indicate?

This measures the number of times you make or receive phone calls while driving (including using a hands-free kit) in comparison to others on the programme. The less often you use your phone compared to others, the higher your score will be.

Why does my phone sometimes show that it's recording a trip when I'm sitting still?

The reason that the phone might think it is moving is due to something called Multipath or "GPS Bounce". This is where the GPS signals reflect off buildings, windows, walls etc. causing the path, and therefore distance, from the satellite to the phone to be different between readings. This then causes the phone to think that it moved a certain distance between the readings, which could infer a speed higher than the recording threshold. The phone's location within a building or house can play a significant role in how often this behaviour occurs, and for how long the notification will remain shown. Rest assured, that all invalid trips are detectable and ignored by the scoring algorithm.

The app on my iPhone was offloaded by Apple, and now my progress hasn’t updated.

iPhone supports the ability to offload unused apps. This is a setting that can be enabled or disabled. We require that this setting be disabled so that the OUTsurance app is not offloaded if not actively used/opened in a while.

When I drive outside of South Africa, my phone still shows that it’s recording a trip.

Correct, your phone will still determine that you are in a trip and record the journey. On the server, we will see that this trip took place outside of South Africa, and remove it from any scoring. Only trips done within the borders of South Africa count towards your score.

How will SmartDrive know that it's me driving?

We have sophisticated algorithms in place to differentiate between driving, cycling, flying in a plane or helicopter, or taking the train. Only vehicle driving trips are used in the score calculation. We also monitor your regular driving behaviour and remove trips which are significantly different from this. This allows you to be a passenger and not be penalised should the driver drive badly. This counts for all five of the driving factors monitored, namely speed, distance, time of day, driving style, and phone usage. It even allows you to have the occasional bad trip removed even when you were the driver, such as when you are in an emergency, etc.

What if I'm not driving the OUTsurance insured vehicle?

The actual vehicle that you are driving doesn't matter, as SmartDrive is all about determining how well YOU drive, and not about the vehicle you are driving. We determine a score for you, not the vehicle. So each time you drive, you are building your own driving profile, irrespective of the vehicle being driven.

What if I have an emergency and need to rush? Will that affect my scoreboard and SmartDrive Discount?

Your individual scores may be affected, but your discount will not. Also, SmartDrive determines your usual driving style over a long period of time. A few long distance trips over the year shouldn't affect your overall score for driving distance and likewise a few evening dates with your partner shouldn't affect your score for daytime driving. Either way, your discount remains unaffected. 

Is the SmartDrive programme only available to OUTsurance clients?

No. Even if you're not insured with OUTsurance you can still join the SmartDrive programme. If you drive better than what your profile predicts, you may receive a discount of up to 10% on your quoted premium.

Can I participate in the SmartDrive programme on multiple vehicles?

Yes. Your SmartDrive discount will automatically apply to all the vehicles where you are listed as the regular driver. Other people who are regular drivers on other vehicles on your facility can also register on SmartDrive in order to qualify for premium discounts.

Are my commercial/business vehicles eligible for a SmartDrive discount?

No. Unfortunately, only personally insured vehicles are eligible for the SmartDrive discount. You are, however, welcome to use SmartDrive to monitor your driving and view your scorecard.

Can my driving information be used against me at claims time?

The information we’re collecting will only be used to determine your SmartDrive discount and will never be used against you if you need to claim.

Am I restricted in how often I can drive?

Not at all. The whole purpose of the app is to capture information about your usual driving behaviour and routines.

Is my personal information securely kept?

We store all your information securely in accordance with relevant information protection legislation including the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). View our Privacy Policy for further details.

How do I opt out if I don’t want to be part of the programme anymore?

The OUTsurance app allows you to deregister from the programme at any time. You will forfeit your SmartDrive discount or payout amount as soon as you deregister from the programme.

What are the terms and conditions for participating in the SmartDrive programme?

Please visit our website for the full terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will automatically be applicable upon registration. A copy of the terms and conditions will also be e-mailed to you once you have registered.

What if I'm not driving the OUTsurance insured vehicle?

The actual vehicle that you are driving doesn't matter, as SmartDrive is all about determining how well YOU drive, and not about the vehicle you are driving. We determine a score for you, not the vehicle. So each time you drive, you are building your own driving profile, irrespective of the vehicle being driven.