Life insurance

  • 100% OUTbonus
  • Death, disability and critical illness covers
  • Free funeral benefit
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • No waiting periods

Life insurance OUTbonus

Receive all your paid life insurance premiums back in cash after 15 claim-free years!

If you choose to include the optional 100% OUTbonus with your fully underwritten life cover, you will automatically receive all of your paid life insurance premiums back in cash after 15 consecutive years of not claiming! That’s a 100% OUTbonus, just because you didn’t claim! Choosing this option will cost you more on your monthly premium. Feel free to ask one of our life insurance advisors to explain the effect this wil have on your premium.

Once your life OUTbonus has been paid out, your life cover will not be affected in any way and will continue as normal.

Join the life insurance revolution and get a quote now! You really have nothing to lose.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Life OUTbonus only apply to your fully underwritten life product?

The Life OUTbonus applies to all our life insurance product offerings. For detailed information on your specific product and the OUTbonus offering that applies to you, please talk to one of our life insurance advisors by calling 08 600 60 000.

Will I always lose my OUTbonus when I claim?

Clients who applied for fully underwritten life cover will unfortunately lose their OUTbonus if they claim within the first 15 years of their policy. When in doubt, please refer to your schedule or give us a quick call on 08 600 60 000, we’d be happy to assist.

Will existing OUTsurance life insurance clients automatically be switched to the new OUTbonus structure?

No. But, you’re most welcome to give us a quick call on 08 600 60 000 and we will get you sorted as soon as possible.

How can I check how much my OUTbonus will be and when this will be paid out?

Your estimated OUTbonus will be included in your life insurance facility. Alternatively, you can call 08 600 60 000 to have a chat to one of our expert life insurance advisors who’ll gladly double check this for you.