Life insurance

  • 100% OUTbonus
  • Death, disability and critical illness covers
  • Free funeral benefit
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • No waiting periods

Critical illness cover

This is why you should take out critical illness cover from OUTsurance

  • If you remain claim free for 15 years, you’ll get all of your life insurance premiums back in hard cash. We pioneered the OUTbonus and have already paid over R2.4 billion back to clients.
  • At OUTsurance, your life insurance premium is based on your personal risk factors. If you have a low risk profile, we will reward you with a low premium.
  • Your premium is guaranteed for at least five years.
  • Our claims team will process your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • You can take out insurance for the time period that you prefer – i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years or for your whole life.
  • Critical illness cover is available to people between the ages of 18 and 60.
  • You can choose the payment structure that works best for you. This means both your premium and the Sum OUTsured stays fixed, or the Sum OUTsured stays fixed and your premium increases on an annual basis, or you can choose sto keep up with inflation by increasing your premium and the Sum OUTsured every year.


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Critical illness cover options

Comprehensive critical illness cover

This is a comprehensive insurance package where a percentage of the Sum OUTsured will be paid if you are diagnosed with one of 40 critical illnesses.

Core critical illness cover

The critical illness core option provides you with cover should you be diagnosed with one of 27 core critical illnesses.

Build your own combination of life insurance cover

We’ve decided to give you complete control of how you’d like to combine one, two or all three of our death, disability and critical illness cover options. This means that you can choose a combination that will work best for your unique circumstances.

Our disability and critical illness covers are structured into two main groups: free standing or accelerated.

Free standing structure

Your death cover, disability cover and critical illness covers exist independently of each other. A claim on any one of the covers will not affect the Sum OUTsured of another benefit.

Accelerated structure

If you choose accelerated critical illness cover and/or accelerated disability cover, death cover is compulsory. A claim on either disability or critical illness cover will have an effect on your death cover by either reducing or cancelling the death Sum OUTsured.