Funeral cover for parents, your spouse and children

Give your parents the dignified funeral they deserve

Whether you're taking out a new policy on behalf of your parents or adding them to your existing policy, OUTsurance funeral cover for parents allows you to insure your parents and your parents-in-law with ease.

Funeral cover plans pay out a lump sum upon the death of your biological parents, parents-in-law, or adoptive parents to cover funeral costs, or anything else related to organising your parents' affairs. This includes a range of added benefits such as transport, after tears, tombstone, catering and a marquee to make sure they have a dignified send off.

Cover up to 13 family members on one funeral policy

The OUTsurance Funeral Plan will pay out if any of the people covered on your policy pass away. You can choose to insure only yourself or you can get family funeral cover to insure an additional 13 family members on your funeral policy.

This includes your spouse and up to eight children. You can also take out funeral cover for your parents and also your parents-in-law on the same policy.

Funeral cover for parents or parents-in-law

  • You can add your parents to your funeral policy provided they are not older than 69.
  • This can apply to your biological parents
  • Adoptive parents or parents-in-law
  • The total number of parents you can cover on one policy is four.

Get funeral cover for your parents or parents-in-law.