What are the benefits of funeral cover?

The major benefit of funeral cover is that it gives you the reassurance that, regardless of your circumstances at the time of a loved one’s death, the majority of the funeral costs will be taken care of.

Once a valid funeral claim is paid out, you will be able to take care of any funeral planning and making the necessary arrangements without having to worry about having enough money at your disposal to cover all the funeral costs.

Add family members to your funeral cover

When you’re in the process of shopping around for funeral cover quotes, it’s also worth noting how many family members can be covered on one plan. The following family members can be added to an OUTsurance funeral plan:

  • yourself (also referred to as the main life insured)
  • your spouse (married by law or customary law to the main life insured)
  • your biological children, legally adopted children and stepchildren (up to a maximum of eight children)
  • your biological parents or parents by adoption, and your parents-in-law.

Keep in mind that if you choose to take out funeral cover with OUTsurance that you, as the main life insured, will need to have a valid South African ID number. You also need to make sure that those family members listed on your policy are South African citizens. They must also live in South Africa for at least 6 months in any 12-month period.


Enjoy a payment benefit

When you're comparing funeral cover policies, make sure to ask about payment benefits, sometimes referred to as 'pause and play' features. At OUTsurance, this is included as standard:

  • Pause and play

You can choose to pause your policy for up to 3 months. During this period you don’t have to pay any premiums and you will also not have any cover.

You can also decide when you want to play your policy again at any time during this paused period. If you have not chosen to play your policy before the end of the three-month period, we will play your policy automatically.

The 'pause and play' benefit can be used up to three times over the lifetime of your policy. You must have paid at least one full premium since the last time your policy was paused before you can pause it again. This benefit is only available once the  funeral policy is out of any waiting period.

Add additional cover benefits

When getting funeral cover quotes, remember to ask about the following benefits available to you – and which of these will be charged at an additional premium. At OUTsurance, you can add the following benefits to your funeral cover at quote stage, or you can also add this at a later stage. These will be charged at an additional premium:

  • A stillborn benefit

We will pay out R5000 in the event of a stillborn child after 26 weeks of pregnancy. The mother of the stillborn child has to be either the child of the main life insured or the spouse covered on your funeral plan.

  • Premium waiver benefit

If the main life insured passes away and a valid claim is paid, cover for all persons on the OUTsurance funeral policy will continue for three months before the policy is cancelled and no premiums will need to be paid during this period.

  • Repatriation benefit

If you add a repatriation benefit to your OUTsurance funeral insurance quote, the transportation of the deceased to a funeral home chosen by the family (closest to the place of burial), will also be covered. This benefit will come into play if the place of death is in South Africa and where the chosen funeral home is more than 100km from the place of death. This includes destinations in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique.

Add extra cash benefits

You can also add any of the following cash benefits to your OUTsurance funeral plan, at any time - each of which will pay out a total of R5000.

  • Transport benefit
  • After tears benefit
  • Tombstone benefit
  • Catering benefit
  • Marquee benefit

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