“Warning, storm approaching!” - Bothma, the OUTsurance inhouse storm chaser.

We’ve had the first taste of the storm season ahead. For all its good, it also brings with it the looming possibility of hail.

07 Sep 2015


We’ve had the first taste of the storm season ahead. It has cleared the air, refreshed the soil and washed away the last remnants of winter. For all its good, it also brings with it the looming possibility of hail.


The science behind it all


Hailstorm warning SMSes are sent out when weather conditions become suitable for the production of hail. “We work with a threshold to determine if a warning is necessary” explains Bothma, OUTsurance’s very own inhouse storm chaser. Bothma is the man behind the development and functionality of the OUTsurance weather warning system. It involves an external service provider in conjunction with the SA Weather Service which provide a feed, monitored by Bothma.

The feed is updated approximately one hour before a storm hits. The feed indicates areas to be looked at, Bothma determined if there is a big storm approaching and sends out warning SMSes where applicable. The accuracy of the warnings is dependent on the accuracy of the SA Weather Service and our external service provider. “We’re not going to have them all spot on,” Bothma says “but it’s generally better to be safe than sorry and having to claim”.


So what can you do about it?


Be proactive:

If there was something you could do to avoid damage to your property, you’d do it right? You can’t prevent hail from falling, but there is action you can take to protect yourself and your property. It starts with being proactive. Heed hailstorm warnings, they’re sent out for your own protection, wellbeing and peace of mind, to save you from possible damage to property for which you might have to claim.

When a thunderstorm is on its way, move your vehicle to a safe, covered area. If you’re on the road pull over safely under a bridge or into a covered parking area. You can also prevent damage to your house and belongings by doing routine roof maintenance before the start of the storm season.


Be prepared:

What if you’re not able to move your vehicle in time, you’re caught in the down pour of a hailstorm and damage is inevitable? When being proactive isn’t possible, it’s important to be prepared, by having insurance cover.

If you have existing car and home insurance, it’s important to check your policy to make sure you are covered for hail damage specifically. Remember, hail damage cover might not necessarily come standard with all insurers, like it does with OUTsurance. If you aren’t covered for hail damage when it’s time to claim after a damaging hailstorm you could be left out in the cold.

OUTsurance clients have peace of mind knowing they’re in good hands, with the OUTsurance weather warning system tracking weather patterns across the country, Bothma the storm whisperer keeping them updated and insurance cover that will take care of them should they have to claim this storm season, where OUTsurance assessors are dispatched quickly to assess hail damage and settle claims in record time.