Building insurance - insure your house today!

Why does anyone need building insurance?

Surely it can’t be that big a deal to get the fixtures and fittings of your home replaced, or to pay to have the structural damage to your home fixed? If your house is left uninhabitable after a natural disaster such as a flood or even a burst water pipe, it won’t be that big a deal to get temporary accommodation sorted, right?

Wrong. The fact is that you really can’t do without building insurance. As you know, things have a tendency to go pear-shaped when you least expect it and at times when you can least afford it. So, instead of worrying about what can go wrong and waiting for it to happen, why don’t you just let us take care of everything?

At OUTsurance, we’ll gladly insure your home for any loss or damage that’s been caused by fire, acts of nature, subsidence or explosion. We’ll insure the structure of your home as well as all fixtures and fittings against damage caused by leaking water pipes and even power surges. We’ll even arrange temporary accommodation if a claimable incident has left your home uninhabitable.

So, why worry about things that you can’t control? Put your building insurance in the hands of the experts so that they can do what they do best: getting everything fixed, repaired and replaced while you won’t need to lift a finger. To get your building insurance sorted today, call OUTsurance on 08 600 60 000 now.

Why you’d want to choose OUTsurance

The fact is that insurance is what we do best! Sure, we give you an awesome building insurance product that translates into great peace of mind, our prices are extremely affordable and we throw in a list of benefits, just because we can – but, it’s at claims stage where we really come to our own.

Let’s face it - the only reason you take out building insurance in the first place is to make sure that if the pawpaw hits the fan, your insurance company will (and needs to) take care of absolutely everything.

The way we see it, your claim presents us with the perfect opportunity to impress! So, if you ever need to submit a building insurance claim at OUTsurance, you will be treated like absolute royalty. Your claims advisor will go out of his or her way to get your claim sorted as quickly as possible and will pull out all the stops to get you back on your feet again.

No wonder then that we’ve won numerous awards when it comes to world-class service, fair claims settlement and that we’ve been voted South Africa’s favourite short-term insurance brand time and time again.

Just give us a call on 08 600 60 000 and we’ll help you get a building insurance package that will fit your circumstances and your pocket perfectly!