At OUTsurance, women have always reaped the benefit of being the safer, more responsible gender by paying a much lower car insurance premium than their male counterparts.

We’ve now gone a step further by designing a brand-new insurance package, especially for our female clients. At a small additional premium, you’ll enjoy access to a host of awesome benefits, each of which is sure to make your life that little bit easier!

Mangwanani spa voucher

We’ll treat you to a spa voucher following a valid vehicle theft, hijack, accident or burglary claim.

Trip monitoring

Depending on the length of your trip, we’ll check in with you every 30 or 60 minutes.

If we lose contact with you during your trip, we’ll contact the person you specified as well as an approved towing operator. We’ll inform them of your planned route and your last location.

Additional security following a break-in

If a break-in compromises your home’s security devices, we’ll send a security guard to your home to watch over you for 12 hours.

Medical, trauma, HIV care and legal assistance
  • Our medical assistance service makes provision for telephonic assistance and advice in case of a medical or trauma emergency.
  • We’ll assist with referrals to medical practitioners and medical facilities and we’ll pay the refundable hospital admissions deposit up to a maximum of R5 000.
  • We’ll arrange for the dispatch of a doctor and any essential medicine, as well as for medical emergency response and the necessary transportation (excluding inter-hospital transfers).
  • We’ll also assist with the escorted return of minors if you’re hospitalised outside your city.
  • Our trauma assistance service includes telephonic counselling and support as well as three face-to-face counselling sessions per incident.
  • Our HIV care package includes blood tests, at the time of the event, at six weeks and at three months; as well as a three-day anti-retroviral treatment starter pack; and the required medication to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Our telephonic legal assistance service will provide you with legal advice and assistance (e.g. drafting contracts).

We’ll pay the call-out fee and one hour’s labour for a handyman to visit your home.

The costs for materials, parts and additional labour are not included. The annual limit for this benefit is a maximum of three incidents or a cost of R2 000 – whichever happens first.

Handbag cover

If your handbag is stolen during a mugging or smash and grab incident, we’ll pay you up to R5 000 to replace your handbag and its contents.

We’ll even pay for the replacement of all of your personal documents, such as your ID document, passport, driver’s license and bank cards – up to a value of R2 000.

Groceries stolen from vehicle

OUTsurance will pay you up to R2 000 for groceries that are stolen from your vehicle.

This benefit is limited to three incidents per year and there must be visible signs of forced entry.