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Personal accident insurance

We'll be there for you - in sickness and in health

Personal accident insurance provides you with the option of covering anyone in your household between the ages of 14 and 70 for personal injury or death as a result of an accident. The maximum cover offered is R25 000 per person.

Personal accident insurance benefits

  • Never pay an excess - receive the full sum OUTsured.
  • You are covered for accidents that took place anywhere in the world.

OUTsurance will provide you with cover in case of:

  • Accidental death
  • Accidental permanent disability (e.g. you lose an arm as a result of an accident).
  • Accidental temporary total disability (e.g. a taxi driver breaks both his legs in an accident and as a direct result of this, he cannot perform his normal work duties, i.e. driving. He will only return to work once both his legs have healed properly).

The full Sum OUTsured will be paid out in case of death or, depending on the specific disability, you'll receive a percentage of the Sum OUTsured (e.g. losing a finger as opposed to losing an eye). The death or disability needs to occur within 12 months of the accident in order to receive a payout.

Business OUTsurance also provides personal accident insurance and public liability insurance for businesses.

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