Best car insurance in South Africa? Don’t settle for second best!

You’re looking for the best car insurance in South Africa, right? You want the most comprehensive car insurance cover, the fastest and most efficient claims service, the most knowledgeable claims advisors as well as the lowest prices out there!
At OUTsurance, we get this

That's why we designed our car insurance packages to guarantee that you’ll be insured no matter what. Our expertly trained advisors will gladly assist you in getting the best car insurance product for your specific insurance needs - at a price, you can afford.

In fact, we believe that you’re one phone call away from the best car insurance in South Africa. You can start a quote online right now or call OUTsurance on 08 600 60 000 for a quote.

What makes OUTsurance car insurance different?

Car insurance in South Africa is often typified by insurance companies who increase their premiums at a moment’s notice, who’ll ask you to pay a proportionate excess at the time of a claim, and more often than not – provide you with second-rate service.

In contrast to this, OUTsurance offers you guaranteed premiums for 12 months, even if you submit a claim. Also, your excess amount remains fixed – irrespective of the size of your claim. We always like to 'top this' with world-class service, expert sales advice, and awesome claims service.

In addition to this, we also ask you a few more questions during quote stage to make sure that you don’t pay one cent extra than you need to. For example, did you know that you’ll pay a lower car insurance premium if you’ve completed advanced driving courses or if your car is parked in a secure parking area during the day?

Other benefits that form part of our standard car insurance product offering, include:

Free Help@OUT Emergency Roadside Assistance – available 24/7
A cash OUTbonus if you don’t submit a claim during the first three years

No fine print or hidden costs.
Call OUTsurance directly on 08 600 60 000 or read more about our car insurance product.