Car insurance companies

For a car insurance company that offers their clients the best combination of great products and awesome service, get a car insurance quote today and save. 

What other car insurance companies don't always tell you

At OUTsurance, factors such as fixed excesses, guaranteed premiums and all-inclusive cover form part of our standard car insurance product offering. But, at other car insurance companies, this may not always be the case.

When you take out insurance, make sure that they explain to you how their excesses differ between different claims, how often your premium will increase, under what circumstances your car will not be covered and what benefits are automatically included as part of the product offering.

For a car insurance company that offers their clients the best combination of great products and awesome service, contact OUTsurance to get a quote on your car today.


Car insurance companies may make assumptions about you and your risk profile. This may mean that you end up subsidising bad-risk clients when you yourself may be a low-risk client.

At OUTsurance, we don't make any assumptions: not about you, your car or your insurance requirements. We work on facts only. That's why we'd much rather ask you questions about the colour of your car, how far you commute every day, whether you use your car for private purposes only, etc.

The way we see it - the more questions we ask, the better we're able to accurately calculate your car insurance premium and save you money! You've got nothing to lose, get a quote from OUTsurance today.

Insurance premiums

Other car insurance companies may increase your premium at what feels like a moment's notice. Chances are that once you submit a claim, you'll be hit with a hefty premium increase the very next month. Or, you'll be promised the moon and the stars at quoting stage, only to receive a premium increase a few months later.

In contrast to this, OUTsurance guarantees your premium for 12 months, even if you submit a claim. After this we'll adjust your premium in line with inflation.

Want your premium to stay fixed for the next 12 months?


At OUTsurance, your excess is fixed - irrespective of how big or small the claim might be. Best of all - you determine the excess amount when you request a car insurance quote from us. A higher excess will result in a lower monthly premium and a lower excess amount, will increase your monthly premium. You're left in complete charge of your finances, even if worse comes to worst and you have to submit a claim.

Other car insurance companies may charge you a proportionate excess which means that if, for example - you're involved in a car accident, you'll need to pay a set percentage of the total cost to repair the damage to the vehicle. You won't know how much an accident will cost you until it has actually happened.

Also, if for example, your car is valued at R300,000 and gets stolen or written off due to an accident, your percentage excess can easily be 10% which - in this case - means that you'll need to pay an excess amount of R30,000. This is a huge amount of money which you may not necessarily have available at the time.

So, why wait for your insurer to call you with the bad news? Get a quote from OUTsurance today and determine your own fixed excess amount.

What’s not included?

When you get an insurance quote, make sure to ask the car insurance company, exactly what is not included in your insurance cover. Are you insured no matter what may happen (i.e. theft, hail damage, fire, etc.)? Make sure that you're getting what you're paying for.

At OUTsurance, we're dedicated to making sure you get the best, all-inclusive car insurance package possible. That's why you'll be insured for anything from hijacking, theft, accidental damage, third party damage, hail damage, fire and any acts of nature. Not all car insurance companies offer these as part of their standard insurance cover.

Get insured with the car insurance company that offers you the best value for money. We are prepared to pay anybody R500 cash if we are unable to beat his/her current car insurance premium when quoted on a like-for-like basis, If you’ve been claim free for more than three years, we’ll pay you R1500 instead. Click here for more info.