What to expect when getting an OUTsurance car insurance quote

Just a few minutes of your time spent getting a quote for car insurance can result in great savings every month!

Because we want to offer you the most affordable car insurance while still giving you value for your money, we don't make any assumptions about you or your car insurance needs. Instead, we ask questions to better understand your life and the risks you may need to be covered for so that you don’t end up paying for what you don’t need. 

The typical questions we may ask during your car insurance quote include:

  • What is the colour of your car?
  • Have you completed any advanced driving courses?
  • Do you use the car for business or for private purposes?
  • Do you make use of public transport to get to and from work? Or maybe you prefer to cycle to work instead?
  • Where do you park your car during the day?
  • Do you work from home or do you spend most of your days at home?
  • Are you retired?

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OUTsurance comprehensive car insurance

Our comprehensive car insurance covers you against loss or damage to your vehicle and for other people’s loss or damage if you are liable for the accident. It also gives you access to our full range of benefits, including a fixed excess, 24/7 roadside assistance, up to R5 million liability cover and our famous cash OUTbonus, which is a cash bonus we award to clients who remain claim-free. What are you waiting for?


Why you should choose comprehensive car insurance from OUTsurance

Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance

OUTsurance comprehensive car insurance clients have access to Help@OUT, our emergency assistance service. With just the push of a button on our app, roadside assistance will be sent to your rescue no matter how far away from home you are as long as you’re still in South Africa.

Lost and stolen keys

If you lose your car keys or they get stolen or damaged, you will be covered. Best of all, you will not be charged extra to add this cover to your policy for as long as you’re an OUTsurance comprehensive car insurance client.


We reward our clients for driving safely with actual cash OUTbonus! If you don’t claim for 3 consecutive years, you will receive up to 10% of your paid insurance premiums back to spend whenever and however you like.

Switch to OUTsurance or get R500

We are so confident in our affordable motor insurance offering that we’re willing to put money on it. Get a motor vehicle insurance quote to see how much you could save with OUTsurance.

If we can’t beat your current car insurance premium on a like-for-like basis, ask for R500 or R1500 if you have been claim-free and with the same insurer for the past 3 years.

What factors coulds affect your car insurance quote?

Vehicle insurance quotes may vary due to certain factors even if you are being quoted on the exact car with the same mileage as another person. These include:

Where you live

Insurance can be more costly depending on where you live or visit frequently. If your neighbourhood is a high-risk area for crime or accidents, this can hike your premium.

However, safety measures like installing a tracking device and adding more security features where you park the car can decrease your premium.

Insurance history

Your driving history can affect your quote on car insurance, specifically, your premium.

The number of accidents you have been involved in, regardless of whether or not you were the cause, will be considered.

Another factor that is taken into consideration is the number of years you have been having a driver’s license.

What the car is used for

Insurance for cars that are used for business will generally be more costly because you spend more time on the road, which increases your risk for accidents.

Furthermore, if the nature of your business requires you to travel with equipment and tools, you will need to make sure that your equipment is appropriately covered. Perhaps you should consider looking into business car insurance quotes.

Vehicle type

The more expensive your car, the more you will have to pay in insurance premiums. This is because it would generally cost more to repair a more expensive/luxury car if you’re involved in an accident or if it has to be replaced.

Additionally, modifications like spot seats, for example, can also cause your premium to increase.

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