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12 June 2017
When there’s a light out on your route to work and it seems like you’re in for a long wait, there’s nothing like seeing the men and women in green to lift your spirits.

When there’s a light out on your route to work and it seems like you’re in for a long wait, there’s nothing like seeing the men and women in green to lift your spirits. Because when you see the OUTsurance Pointsmen you know that your traffic trouble will soon be over.

We sent our Pointsmen ShoutOUT team into early morning traffic at the intersection of Olievenhout Bosch and Nellmapius in Centurion to hear what the public have to say about the OUTsurance Pointsmen. We asked motorists how they feel about the Pointsmen, if they’re doing a good job, what their commute would be like without them and if they feel the Pointsmen make a difference? The response was overwhelming!

The OUTsurance Pointsmen are making a difference in the daily lives of South African motorists. Come rain or shine they’re dedicated to easing congestion on the roads, getting people to work on time in the morning and home safely at night!

In May this year the Pointsmen were dispatched 2289 times in Gauteng alone. These dispatches were covered by 125 static and 45 mobile Pointsmen. We chatted to Nthabiseng, the Pointsman Project supervisor, about what it takes to make sure traffic flows in areas that need it most. “Where the traffic lights are not working, we send the mobile team, the guys who are on the motorcycles” Nthabiseng explains “The Pointsmen who are not on the bikes are called the static Pointsmen and they work at designated points every day, places where Pointsmen are needed regularly like stop signs and T-junctions for example.

Have you ever seen Pointsmen on their phones? No need to be alarmed, there’s a good reason! The mobile Pointsmen get their dispatches via their mobile phones. They use their phones to login when they arrive at their destination to start their duty and to receive information on where they’re needed next. Mobile Pointsmen travelled a total of 60 339Km in May to man intersections within Gauteng.

The Pointsmen truly care about making a difference by saving motorists time and keeping them safe, helping to avoid accidents and unwanted car insurance claims. The next time you pass one of the friendly Pointsmen in green give them a thumbs up for the job they do. If their presence isn’t enough to relieve traffic congestion, their energy and charisma sure will help lighten the frustration!

Want to report an intersection in need of a Pointsman’s assistance but don’t know how? It’s as easy as downloading the OUTsurance app, clicking on the Pointsman tab and dropping a pin at your location. Now everyone can help keep traffic moving. Pointsmen receive new dispatches daily, so when you suggest an intersection you’re helping to place Pointsmen where they’re needed most.

Download the OUTsurance app HERE.

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