Lady@OUT frequently asked questions

I only have vehicle cover at OUTsurance, which benefits do I qualify for under Lady@OUT?

All benefits under Lady@OUT will apply. However, you won't be able to use the spa treatment benefit after a burglary claim as you would need contents or buildings insurance cover at OUTsurance. The same goes if you only have contents insurance with us, in which case you would not receive a spa voucher after a vehicle claim.

Can I only apply for Lady@OUT if I'm the policy holder or the regular driver on my facility?

No. Lady@OUT is available to all female members of the household, irrespective of whether you're the policyholder, regular driver, or the owner of the household contents or building. Each lady specified on the policy will qualify for all the benefits subject to the conditions and limits per person insured.

Do we cover members of the household who live at a different address?

If a member of a household temporarily resides at a different address than the one noted on your facility (for example, your daughter lives in a commune at university), they can also enjoy Lady@OUT benefits that are not limited to the noted address. These include:

  • Handbag and document cover
  • Spa treatment following specific vehicle claims
  • Trip monitoring
  • Groceries stolen from your vehicle
  • Medical, Legal, Trauma and HIV Care

If, however, they also want access to all of the benefits for this product, they should ask that their details together with their temporary address are noted on your facility.

My grandmother who lives at a different risk address to me wants Lady@OUT cover on my policy – is this possible?

No, all insured ladies must be a member of the household. If your grandmother wants Lady@OUT cover, she would need to apply for vehicle insurance, buildings insurance, or contents insurance in her own capacity.

Will Lady@OUT claims affect my OUTbonus?

The following claims will affect the OUTbonus:

  • Spa treatment following certain valid claims
  • Handbag and document cover
  • Groceries stolen from your vehicle
I only have life cover at OUTsurance, can I apply for Lady@OUT?

No, Lady@OUT is only available for the personal product.

I've only got business insurance in place, can I take out Lady@OUT cover?

Unfortunately, Lady@OUT is only available to you if you have personal insurance in place.

If my handbag gets stolen in a mugging, do I qualify for the spa benefit?

Unfortunately not. You only qualify for the spa benefit following a valid vehicle accident, theft, hijack or a burglary claim.

I was involved in a vehicle accident as a passenger; do I qualify for the spa treatment?

No, only the incident driver (if specified as an insured person on Lady@OUT) qualifies for the spa treatment.

If I have both a buildings and contents risk on cover and there is a burglary at my house, do I qualify for two spa vouchers following damages to both risks?

No, each insured person only qualifies for one spa voucher per valid claim (i.e. one per incident).

Can men also apply for Lady@OUT cover?

Yes, men can also apply for Lady@OUT cover.

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