Insurance companies in South Africa

If you’re looking to compare the various product offerings from insurance companies in South Africa, you’re really spoiled for choice!

A good starting point is to draw up a shortlist of insurance companies with reliable track records and then compare their various product offerings, added benefits and pricing options – of course, never losing sight of deal breakers such as fixed excesses, guaranteed premiums or a cash payout if you don’t claim!

Or, if you’re short on time, simply get an OUTsurance quote and know that all of the above is taken care of anyway.

At OUTsurance, you’ll always get something OUT

In our opinion, OUTsurance is the only insurance company in South Africa that can give you a winning combination of price, service and product. We’ve been providing South African consumers with car insurance and home insurance since 1998. In 2003, we introduced business insurance and in 2010 we made our entry into the life insurance market.

We were the first insurance company in South Africa to create an incentive system such as the OUTbonus where clients receive 10% of their paid premiums back in cash simply by not claiming.

Since then, many other insurance companies in South Africa followed suit. Nowadays, it's become fairly commonplace for clients to expect some sort of reward for not claiming.

Join the insurance company who is at the forefront of innovation.

You’ll enjoy great benefits

If you’re part of the OUTsurance family, the following benefits form part of the deal:

  • A fixed excess where you always know what an accident will cost you
  • 12-month guaranteed premiums
  • Free Help@OUT emergency roadside and home assistance
  • No fine print or hidden costs
  • Fast and fair claims settlement

Don’t accept anything less from other insurance companies in South Africa. If they’re not willing to match our standard list of benefits, maybe you should move your insurance to OUTsurance? 

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