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The one-stop-shop

OUTsurance is one of the few insurance companies where you can get comprehensive insurance for your car, your home, your business and your life - with only one telephone call.

Another advantage of doing all your insurance directly through a trusted brand such as OUTsurance is that all of our benefits apply:

  • Insurance premiums that are guaranteed for a year
  • Excess amounts that are fixed
  • Free Help@OUT emergency assistance
  • Discounts at selected service providers
  • The cash OUTbonus
  • No fine print or hidden costs.

Get all of your insurance needs sorted. Call OUTsurance on 08 600 60 000 or get an online quote now!

Insurance advice

Best of all - you get to speak directly to one of our passionate and dedicated insurance advisors. As is the case with all insurance companies, all of our advisors are FAIS-compliant. This means that when you get to discuss your insurance needs with one of our advisors, you get your information 'straight from the horse's mouth', so to speak.

So, not only will you save time phoning around for quotes - chances are that you'll also save money because you get to pay a premium that's based on your very individual risk profile.

And - on top of this - you'll get the best product combination for your specific needs!

Our guarantee

As all insurance companies will tell you, the main point of having insurance is to know that when you need to claim, everything will be taken care of. Unfortunately, it's only really at the claims stage where you get to know the true value of your insurance company. We also believe that this is where many other insurance companies lose the plot somewhat.

At OUTsurance, this is where we get another opportunity to impress! We want to make sure that your claims experience is a pleasant one: we'll do whatever it takes to get your car repaired, your roof fixed, replace your stolen television set, provide you with a brand-new laptop or pay the OUTsured amount to you as quickly as possible.

Not all insurance companies are the same - OUTsurance strives to outperform all other insurance companies so that you, our client, can benefit. Let us prove to you why we're head and shoulders above our competitors.

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