Life insurance South Africa

Life insurance for South Africans

Today, 142 working South Africans will become disabled. If you’re currently employed and if you’re South African, chances are that this could happen to you.

This is not to say that you should go into a state of despair, but rather that you should make use of the first possible opportunity to get your life insurance in place.

Get your life insurance quote from OUTsurance today and know that whatever happens, you’ll be taken care of financially.

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Does OUTsurance offer the best life insurance in South Africa?

Well, we like to think so.

Our expert life insurance advisors are all FAIS compliant and have written numerous exams in order to give you the best combination of life insurance products for your specific (and every individual) requirements. In addition to this, you can bet that they’ll want to impress you with a life insurance premium that will fit your pocket just perfectly.

You can choose to take out cover in case of deathdisability or critical illness, without having to pay one cent extra:

  • your premium is guaranteed for five years,
  • and we’ll even send a nurse to your home to conduct blood tests.

We’d like to prove to you why we consider ourselves as the experts when it comes to life insurance in South Africa, put us to the test and get a quote today!

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