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Why is life insurance considered a necessity? Well, simply put - if worse comes to worst and you pass away unexpectedly, your family will be able to maintain the same standard of living they’ve become accustomed to. On the other hand, if you become disabled or critically ill, having a life insurance policy in place protecting you against such events will see to it that you're taken care of financially. 

Most banks will also insist that you take out life insurance in South Africa before they’ll assist with a home loan or finance a vehicle - which makes sense if you think about it. If you pass away with outstanding debt on your house or vehicle, the bank needs some sort of guarantee that their debt will be settled, regardless. 

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*NEW* No medicals or blood tests needed for qualifying clients for life policies up to R5 million.

Life may be unpredictable, but choosing to safeguard the financial future and the dreams of your family doesn’t have to be. Find out more about OUTsurance Death cover.


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We live in an age where online shopping, video calls with friends and family, and electronic banking have become the norm. With the focus on going online life insurance companies need to make sure that they are continually evolving and keeping up with the competition. 

At OUTsurance, getting an online life insurance quote couldn't be easier: clients and non-clients can now get an indicative quote in under 60 seconds. Simply download the OUTsurance app and click on the 'get a quote' button. After answering a few simple questions, our online life insurance calculator will display your indicative premium on screen.  

Once you sign up, you can also visit the app or portal to view and manage your online life insurance policy or download relevant documents. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your life insurance policy quotes online on our app. 

Why choose OUTsurance life insurance?

In the market for better life insurance? At OUTsurance, you get fully comprehensive life insurance cover plus a host of benefits backed up by awesome service.

Simply complete the online quote form on our website and one of our expert life insurance sales advisors will call you back to help you tailor your insurance cover around your specific circumstances as well as your budget. 

You always get something OUT.

  • No paperwork, hidden costs or fine print. 
  • Your premium is guaranteed for a total of five years subject to an average increase of 6% per annum
  • You can choose the time period for which you require life cover
  • We offer flexible payment structures
  • You’ll never have to pay for any medical tests before you take out cover with us. We’ll even go as far as sending a nurse to your home to conduct blood tests if you’re unable to visit any of the medical centers in your area. 

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