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Our advisors certainly know what they’re talking about and they’ve got your best interests (and that of your family) at heart.

They can offer you the best cover for your unique life insurance needs and at a price that will fit your pocket perfectly. 

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Everyone needs life cover

Even if don’t have anyone that you need to provide for financially, how are you going to make ends meet if you become disabled and can’t work anymore? Also, if you have any outstanding debt and pass away unexpectedly, spare a moment for the parent, life partner or sibling who’ll need to take care of your outstanding debt.

If you’re a parent or pregnant, having life cover in place is non-negotiable. If you become disabledcritically ill or if you pass away unexpectedly, your life cover will ensure that your family is taken care of financially. If you’re still single, there are still reasons for you to have life cover. If you apply for finance for a car or if you want to buy a house, the bank will require some sort of financial security on these assets.

So, really the question is not whether you need life cover, but rather 'how much life cover you’d need to maintain your standard of living'. Try out our handy life insurance calculator tool for a rough estimate.

Life cover benefits

You’ll just love the fact that you won’t need to pay for any medical tests before you take out life cover with us. Also, just because we can – we’ll send a nurse to your home to perform the blood tests – how’s that for awesome service?

A few minutes of your time translates into financial security, great life cover and most importantly - peace of mind. 

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