Your Funeral Policy

When you compare different life insurance policies and funeral policies in South Africa, you’ll soon discover that each life insurance company would like to give you the best of both worlds: value-for-money cover combined with their own unique range of benefits.
The choice of which life insurance plan or funeral policy insurance you would choose all depends on your own very unique requirements and of course, your budget.


Get funeral cover as part of your existing life insurance cover

You may be interested in life insurance (i.e. making sure your family is provided for financially when you’re no longer able to do so). Otherwise, you may be interested in taking out a specified amount of cover to make provision for the costs associated with your own funeral (to lessen the financial burden on your family when you pass away), or the funeral of your spouse, children or parents.

Although some life insurance policies already offer a funeral benefit, in some cases it’s also available to buy as standalone cover. 

If you take OUTsurance as an example, you’ll see that we offer an ‘own funeral and final expense benefit’, ‘spouse funeral benefit’, and ‘child funeral benefit’ as part of our life insurance product, at an additional premium.


Get a standalone funeral policy

At the same time, we offer funeral cover where you can specify the cover amount, ranging from R30 000 to a maximum of R100 000. This is packaged with a host of great benefits and additional cash benefits (available at an additional premium) to include a transport benefit, tombstone benefit, an after-tears benefit, a marquee benefit and a catering benefit.

The funeral product has been designed in such a way that it allows for an automatically included ‘pause and play’ benefit where you can pause your cover for a maximum of three months. 


Funeral policy insurance that covers your parents or parents-in-law

Say for example, you are really only interested in taking out a funeral insurance policy for parents (in other words, you want to make provision for any funeral costs to give your parents or parents-in-law the dignified funeral they so rightly deserve), you may be interested in taking out a funeral policy instead of our fully underwritten life insurance product.

This will mean that you, as the main life insured, can add your parents to your funeral policy (also ‘doubling up’ as a funeral policy for parents).


A funeral policy for pensioners

At OUTsurance, you can apply for funeral cover up to (and including) the age of 69. This means that you’ll still enjoy all of the great funeral policy benefits, regardless of whether you’ve retired or not. You will be able to add up to eight children, your spouse and your parents, or parents-in-law (if so required) on your funeral policy.

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