Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral cover


Until what age can I get funeral cover?

The maximum entry age for the main life OUTsured, the spouse, parents and parents-in-law is 69 years. The maximum entry age for children is 20 years.


Can I take out funeral cover for my parents?

Yes. You can get funeral cover for your parents and even your parents-in-law to your policy. The maximum age until when your parents can be added to your policy to enjoy cover is 69.


How many members can I add to my funeral policy?

Your OUTsurance funeral plan allows you to add your spouse, up to 8 children, your parents, and your parents-in-law. This is a total of 14 members on one plan. You can add and remove members as and when needed. Please note that waiting periods will apply. Find out more about our family funeral cover 


Can I add stepchildren to my policy?

Yes. You can add up to 8 children to your funeral plan – this refers to biological children, legally adopted children and stepchildren. You cannot add a child to your policy if he or she is older than 21.


Does the funeral plan provide cover for a stillborn child?

Yes. We will pay out R5 000 in the event of a stillborn children after 26 weeks of pregnancy. The mother of the stillborn child has to be either the main life OUTsured or the spouse covered under the policy.


How much funeral cover can I take out?

At OUTsurance, you can choose how much funeral cover you want and you can change this amount as often as you need. Please note that waiting periods will apply. We offer funeral cover from R30 000 to R100 000.


Can I take out funeral cover if I’m not a South African citizen?

No. All the people covered on your policy need to be South African citizens and live in South Africa for a minimum of six months in any 12-month period. The main life OUTsured must have a valid South African ID number.


What is a premium waiver benefit?

The premium waiver benefit refers to an instance where the main life OUTsured passes away and a valid claim is paid. In this case, cover for everyone else insured on this policy will continue for another three months before the policy cancels. No premiums will need to be paid during these three months.


Will OUTsurance cover the cost to transport the deceased to the funeral home?

Yes. We cover the transportation of the deceased to the funeral home chosen by the family, closest to the place of burial. This benefit is available if the place of death is in South Africa and where the chosen funeral home is more than 100km away from the place of death. Transport is provided to the destinations within South Africa and up to Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana or Mozambique.


Who will receive the payout amount at claims stage?

If you are the main life OUTsured (the policy is in your name) and you pass away, then we will pay the claim out to your nominated beneficiary. If anyone else covered under your policy passes away, the benefit will be paid out to you.