Protecting your electrical appliances from power surges

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7 March 2023

A power surge or electrical spike is a short-term increase in voltage. This occurs typically when the normal voltage increases for three nanoseconds or more. Source: Eskom Power Surge Protection Fact Sheet.

Several events can cause power surges, like lightning or when the power comes back after load shedding and causes a sudden surge in electrical loads. Frequent short-term power interruptions and fluctuations, like in the case of load shedding, can damage electrical appliances, costing you money for repairs or an insurance excess in your efforts to replace them. Since load shedding appears to be here to stay, it’s important to make sure that you know how to protect your appliances from power surges, how to detect if they’ve been damaged and most importantly, what OUTsurance is doing to help.

How to know if your appliances have been damaged by a power surge

  1. The appliance/device lights will flash continuously
  2. The appliance/device will not switch on or work
  3. The appliance/device may give off a burnt smell

Tips to prevent power surge damage to your appliances

While there are several ways you can prevent your electrical appliances from being damaged by power surges, we highly recommend installing a power surge protector to your DB Board (main switch box), which you can easily get through our Help@OUT Home Maintenance service. These power surge protectors offer higher levels of protection and cover all appliances that are linked to the DB box with the surge protection unit, giving you peace of mind.

Here are other ways you can protect your appliances:

  • Switch off your appliances at the wall during load shedding or a power outage and manually switch back on when the power is back.
  • Use a multi plug power strips with built-in surge protection.
  • Review your insurance policy to see if your appliances are covered for damage from power surges so that you can plan accordingly.


Help@OUT to the rescue

As an OUTsurance client, you have exclusive access to Help@OUT, where you can find reputable and qualified service providers, like electricians and plumbers in your area through our Home Maintenance service. Here’s how to find the Home Maintenance section on our app or website and purchase a surge protection unit:

  1. Log in to our app or the OUTsurance portal
  2. Go to Help@OUT
  3. Select Home Maintenance Providers
  4. Select DB Surge Protection & COC
  5. Enter your details


Don’t have the OUTsurance app yet?

Our app brings the OUTsurance experience closer to you, you’re just a tap away. Simply download it from your app store and follow the prompts to log in. You will also be able to access your policy documents and manage your policy on the app, request emergency assistance, submit geyser claims, start new quotes for your uninsured assets, and so much more. 



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