Under insured items

Reasons why you need to insure your contents for the correct value

Correct insured value

Your household contents need to be insured for the full replacement value. This include items such as crockery, clothing, and linen which are often overlooked.

Inventory lists

We’ve put together this inventory table to help you list all the items in your home and to allocate a replacement value to each item to ultimately calculate a total replacement value of your household contents in its entirety. Simply complete each section by entering the amount that you would need to spend if you had to replace this item today. Add up these totals to determine the final replacement amount. Also include the make and the serial number of all television sets, DVD machines, microwave ovens, printers, scanners and fax machines. Keep this sheet as a point of reference as this information will most certainly help us during claims stage. If you can, take pictures of all your items (i.e. complete rooms at different angles).

Frequently asked questions
What if I don’t want to include an item to my contents cover (i.e. I don’t want to insure my television), but at the same time I don’t want to be under insured?

We insure your household contents as a whole – you cannot specify individual items as is the case with items you take and use outside of your home.

What happens if I buy new furniture that was not included in the original insured value?

It’s your responsibility to tell us if the total insured value of your contents changes (e.g. If you buy an expensive piece of furniture, its replacement amount needs to be included in the total insured value).

How should I insure my jewellery?

The value of jewellery, watches and gold coins need to be given separately from the rest of the contents. Jewellery covered under contents would only provide cover at the address of your contents. If you require cover for jewellery away from home too, the jewellery items need to be specified under the OUT-and-about section.

Do items covered under OUT-and-About need to be included in my contents Sum OUTsured?

No, items covered under OUT-and-About are covered in full under this section. The Sum OUTsured for your contents cover can, therefore, be reduced with the value of the specified items under OUT-and-About cover.