Homeowners insurance

For comprehensive homeowners insurance cover, great benefits and awesome service, make sure to get your homeowners insurance sorted at OUTsurance.

Why you need homeowners insurance

If you’re a homeowner, future homeowner or body corporate, you’d most definitely want to get homeowners insurance in place as soon as you possibly can. Why? Simply because you’ll need to ensure that any structural damage to your building gets fixed as soon as possible before this causes further damage. The problem with this is that you may not always have cash in hand to get the damage fixed and even if you do – this may just cost you a small fortune.

As a matter of fact, if you're buying a new home, the bank will require you to put buildings insurance in place.

Thankfully, at OUTsurance, you can get a comprehensive homeowners insurance package that will cover you for unforeseen damage to your building as well as damage to all of the fixtures and fittings in your home. There is no flood, fire, explosion, storm or any act of nature big enough to stop us from providing you with homeowners insurance cover.

So, why wait? Simply give us a call on 08 600 60 000 and let us provide you with a great homeowners insurance package!

Insurance is what we do best

At OUTsurance, you’ll note that we tend to ask you a few more questions than the average insurance company. This is because we choose not to make any assumptions about you, your budget or your specific homeowner insurance needs.

Instead, we’re out on a mission to get you the most comprehensive homeowners insurance package possible – one that will not only fit your unique circumstances, but that will also fit even the tightest budget.

Your homeowners insurance package includes:

  • Fixed excess amounts, irrespective of how big the claim
  • A cash OUTbonus after three claim-free years
  • 12-month guaranteed premiums
  • Inflation-linked adjustments to make sure that you’ll never be under-insured
  • Access to a list of hand-picked service providers
  • Free Help@OUT emergency home assistance – available 24/7

As if that’s not enough, we’ll continue to look for even more ways to impress you. This is why your homeowners insurance package automatically includes insurance cover in case of accidental damage to any fixed glass and sanitary ware.

On top of that – without you needing to pay even one cent extra, we’ll arrange for temporary accommodation in case a claimable incident leaves your home uninhabitable.

Put us to the test and get a homeowners insurance quote from OUTsurance today.