OUTsurance protect their staff, while also helping to protect small business.

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8 May 2020
Every OUTie now has two cloth face masks thanks to a collaboration with the fashion industry.

As OUTsurance staff members start to return to their desks, it’s a clear picture of the ‘new normal’, thanks to the thorough use of Personal Protection Equipment. This includes branded facemasks, which have come with an interesting back story.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, South African Fashion Week implemented a plan to help fashion designers keep their businesses afloat and, more importantly, pay their staff. The result, with help from SAIL Sports and Entertainment Pty Ltd, was the manufacturing and distribution of well-crafted cloth face masks, complete with company branding.

OUTsurance purchased two of these re-usable masks for each staff member, totalling 8 000 masks.

Suren Naidoo, OUTsurance Head of Human Capital, says, “We’re doing everything we can to ensure that our OUTies are fully protected. And we’re especially proud of our efforts when it gives us the opportunity to help small businesses in the process. It’s a real bonus that the masks are as stylish as they are effective!”

Stefan van der Merwe, from SAIL Sports and Entertainment, added, “I would like to thank OUTsurance for their purchase and thus assisting the designers financially in these precarious times.”

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