Meet Paul Myeza, Chief Operating Officer, OUTsurance Life
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1 June 2018
COO of OUTsurance Life, Paul Myeza, talks life, insurance and what a consumer focused funeral product means for South Africa.

Paul joined OUTsurance last year. Before that Paul was the CEO of Lion of Africa Life Assurance as well as Chairman of Lion of Africa Fund Managers. He has also worked in various senior positions for other insurers. He is a member of the Black Management Forum and the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals. 

OUTsurance Life launched a low cost flexible funeral policy this week. You can read more about it here.

How did you get into insurance?

It wasn’t specifically planned, I was just looking for a job, but I am very grateful that I stumbled upon something that I enjoy so much and 23 years has flown by.

What interests you about funeral insurance in particular?

All life insurance is about catering for peoples’ needs in the most difficult of times. Funeral insurance is extremely important because with all of life’s challenges, we all at least deserve to be laid to rest in a dignified manner.  In South Africa, policyholders take out between three and four policies in their lifetime resulting in a high cancellation rate. We wanted to address the issues that cause these problems.

What makes OUTsurance’s funeral offering different from all the funeral products already available?

Our product has been designed from the perspective of the customer and gives the flexibility to build your own policy and change it as and when your circumstances permit. You can increase or decrease your cover at any time with no penalties and you can have an additional three month premium holiday with full cover and you can pause payment and cover for up to an additional three months depending on your circumstances.

What makes you tick?

Getting things done, seeing results and providing great service.

How have you fitted in with OUTsurance’s culture?

The culture is great for me as it is all about results and awesome customer service.

Check out OUTsurance funeral cover here.

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