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13 March 2024
When you think a job offer is too good to be true, it likely is. Here’s a list of red flags to watch out for before applying for a job:

  1. The salary is significantly higher than what is offered for other similar roles in the market.
  2. You receive unsolicited communications and/or job offers for positions you did not apply for. Reputable companies typically do not send unsolicited job offers.
  3. The job listing is on an unpopular website, contains typos, or the contact email is not associated with the company domain.
  4. The contact uses a free email service such as Yahoo, Live, Hotmail, or Gmail, or the message is not personalised with your name.
  5. The job listing includes vague requirements or doesn’t specify needed skills, qualifications, or the amount of experience needed is suspicious.
  6. The recruiter requests money upfront for training materials, work visas, credit checks, or sensitive information like your bank details.
  7. You need to provide the company with financial information in order for them set up a company account or for direct deposit arrangements.
  8. The job offer includes an undue sense of urgency for you to provide specific information. Always research the company or contact and consider calling the company's main line for verification.
  9. You’re offered a position with the person reviewing your CV, conducting an interview, or if you're offered a role shortly after applying.
  10. The recruiter suggests meeting for an interview at a location not affiliated with the company.


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