Motor liability cover

If you’ve taken out third party car insurance (also known as 'liability to other parties') it means that you’ll be covered against financial liabilities after you caused a vehicle accident that resulted in accidental loss or damage to someone else's property.
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At OUTsurance, we’ve automatically included liability cover as part of our comprehensive and limited car insurance packages, but you can also select this as stand-alone cover. You’ll enjoy up to R5 million in liability cover for the vehicle that’s insured by us. Even if you’re driving a friend’s vehicle and you can be held legally liable for causing an accident, you’ll enjoy liability cover.

  • You don’t have to pay an excess on your personal car insurance cover
  • Your premium is guaranteed for 12 months
  • You receive up to R5 million liability cover

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I caused an accident?

Do not admit guilt before you’ve reported the incident to us. Where possible, you should also take steps to prevent or minimise liability. Remember that all incidents that might lead to a claim in future should be reported to us anyway – even if you don’t want to submit a claim at the time of an incident.

If the other party contacts you regarding a third party claim, you’d only need to give us a call on 08 600 70 000 and we’ll take care of everything. Please forward any correspondence to us so that we can take care of this on your behalf.

Does liability cover take care of the damages to my own vehicle as well?

Please note that if you’ve selected liability cover to other parties as a stand-alone cover, we will not be able to cover your (the insured’s) own property. To submit a claim for damages to your own property, you need to have either comprehensive car insurance or limited car insurance in place. Your comprehensive car insurance cover will also take care of damages to your own vehicle caused by anything from acts of nature, intentional damage, fire, theft or accidental damage.