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Credit protection

Make sure your debt is covered

Our credit protection product is picture perfect to make sure your debt (i.e. the selected Sum OUTsured) will be covered in case of death, critical illness, permanent disabilitytemporary disability or retrenchment. This product also includes a premium waiver cover where we’ll pay your credit protection premium for every month where we make a payment for a retrenchment or a temporary disability claim.

Want to know the best part?

  • You will get all your paid premiums back in cash after 15 years of not claiming!
  • Different to typical life insurance, you won’t need to undergo any medical tests (however, any conditions you were aware of before cover started, will be excluded from your cover).

Credit protection products

Our credit protection plan is structured around the specific cover that you selected.

  • We’ll pay you the Sum OUTsured, following your death.
  • The critical illness section of our product will pay the Sum OUTsured, in the event that you’re diagnosed with one of 17 major critical illnesses (i.e. cancer, major organ transplants, kidney failure).
  • We’ll also pay you the Sum OUTsured, if you should become permanently disabled and you’re no longer able to perform your own or any other suitable occupation.
  • If you’re temporarily disabled and unable to perform your own occupation, we’ll pay you 3% of the Sum OUTsured on a monthly basis. This will enable you to pay your installments on your debt during this time.
  • Also, if you’re retrenched or made redundant, we’ll make monthly payments of 3% of the Sum OUTsured to help you pay your monthly installments on your debt during this time period.

Of course, you can choose whether you only want cover in the event of your death (life cover only) or whether you want to extend your cover to also include cases where you fall critically ill, become permanently or temporary disabled, or in case you get retrenched (comprehensive cover).

Download credit protection critical illness cover table - English

For more information, please download the Credit protection facility document.