Business contents insurance

Enjoy an awesome business contents insurance package


Business OUTsurance will insure your business contents against any loss or damage that was caused by flood, snow, hail, wind, impact, fire, explosion or subsidence. Your business contents will also be insured for malicious damage and damage caused by power surges or power dips. 

Our business contents insurance package covers damage caused by the bursting of water-supply tanks or pipes and we'll also cover the costs of replacing any documents - however, the cost for reproducing the data is not included.

To insure the structure of your building or any permanent fixtures or fittings, make sure to visit our buildings insurance product page.

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Business contents insurance benefits

  • Your business contents insurance excess stays fixed, regardless of the claim amount. Never pay a proportionate excess.
  • Your business contents insurance premium is guaranteed for a period of 12 months.
  • Apply for stand-alone cover for your electronic equipment (i.e. licensed software, scanners, printers, audio or visual equipment, or electronic industrial equipment) - you don't need to take out contents insurance first. Also check out our money, stock and stock-in-transit insurance products.
  • Our claims team will process your business insurance claim as quickly as humanly possible - we know you want to get back to doing business as usual.
  • You have access to Help@OUT emergency office assistance - free of charge.
  • After a claim-free period of three years, we'll reward you with a cash OUTbonus.
  • Access to our database of preferred service providers.
  • We make sure that your business is never left under-insured by making automatic inflation-linked adjustments.

Great optional plug-ins for electronic equipment insurance 

Theft cover
This optional cover allows you to cover your electronic equipment against any loss or damage caused by theft.

Cover for accidental damage
If you choose this optional cover, you will receive cover for accidental damage to your electrical equipment. You can also choose to have any electronic equipment item (such as a vehicle hoist) covered for accidental damage only.

Comprehensive subsidence cover
This additional cover option covers electrical equipment against any damage caused by the downward movement of all soil types resulting from the natural shifts or human activity which causes structural damage to your property.


*OUTsurance also provides personal contents insurance.